Inventory Reduction Sale!

I know, sounds like something a car lot does, right? Well, that’s kinda where we are at the Casa de Hartness nowadays. I’ve got a bunch of copies of The Chosen and Back in Black with the original covers hanging around my house. Since I have no copies of Hard Day’s Knight left with original covers, and Knight Moves debuted with the cover from Extended Imagery, I’d rather only have the books with the series covers at my signings and cons in the future.

So you get a deal!

From now until they’re gone, you can buy copies of Back in Black and The Chosen for only $5!

Plus $5 for USPS shipping per order (up to 3 books) anywhere in the US. $7 to Canada (sorry, it’s a long way from here).

Just click the PayPay button in the sidebar and you’ll be hooked up. I’ll even sign ’em for you if you’d like.


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