It’s still Scalzi’s fault

But seriously, my cats are adorable.
















So Yeah, I’m having fun with the new camera. My old camera, a Canon Rebel Xti, was also really nice, and I had a very good 70-300mm lens with image stabilization built in. I was able to take this shot with it standing at least a 1/4 mile away from the stream in the picture.

But that camera was stolen when my car was broken into in Atlanta. The first time.

Yes, it happened twice. Not to the same car. And not in the same part of Atlanta. But twice in 2010 my car was broken into in Atlanta. The first time they got me good. My two-week-old MacBook Pro, backpack, Canon DSLR Camera, both lenses, some lighting equipment and a bag full of tools. Probably about ten grand worth of stuff, none of it ever recovered.

The second time they got a briefcase with about a dozen copies of my books, plus some loose change. I got all that back except for a couple of books. But I also got a different book, so I can’t really complain.

I’ve hung out a while with a little point n’ shoot camera that does a pretty good job, but finally I broke down and bought another good camera. As Red Dirt Review is starting to take off, I’m going to need to shoot some cover images from time to time, and the new Rebel shoots 1080P video, which is not only inherently cool, but something I’m interested in exploring. It also has an articulated LCD screen, which is really nice when shooting at odd angles, or video, both of which I end up doing in theatre.

Anyway, have a Happy whatever you celebrate, and I’ll be back next week with a new weekly feature – Album of the Week! Each week I’ll give you a sample of what I’ve been writing to, and links to buy the album. Full disclosure – I’m an iTunes affiliate, so I get a few pennies if you buy the album there. To kick off the series, here’s the song that’s been kicking off my alien invasion short story writing session – Roger Creager’s I’ve Got the Guns. This one goes out to my pal, Scott Chaffin. Keep fightin’, brother.


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