So here’s my post for the week – OW MY FUCKING FOOT HURTS. Thank you, and goodnight. Nah, I’ll do better, but my fucking foot does hurt. But since I usually don’t type with my feet, it’s pretty much irrelevant to my work here, isn’t it? Yep, so you get a blog post. A boring one, but a blog post nonetheless. I haven’t written shit this week, but I got 3-4K words done on a new Bubba story and a new YA novels about dragons that I’ve been working on most of the year. Did all that last weekend, then […]

DragonCon, again

Today I’m over at Magical Words talking a little more about DragonCon and a little more about the concept of “true fans.” And no, this has nothing to do with cosplay and whether girls who like to dress up are real geek girls or not. I’m not in a position to judge anyone’s geek street cred, and anyone who wants to dress up as anything they like can feel free. Except maybe furries. Furries kinda creep me out. But that’s just me. Anyway, go to Magical Words. No furries.

DragonCon Trip Report, Part 1

I dunno how many of these parts I’ll actually get done, but hell, it’s still better than I’ve done posting here in months, so let’s accept the baby steps, okay? We got down to Atlanta about 6PM on Thursday, since I’d told the wife that I wanted to be rolling out of Charlotte around 10 or 11AM. Yep, I know it only takes 4 hours to get from Charlotte to Atlanta. Nope, we didn’t get rolling by 11AM. No, it didn’t matter in the end. Because loading into the AmericasMart was a clusterfuck! Of colossal proportions. I dunno what type […]