So it’s been a tough week. My friend Bob died on Sunday, and Monday would have been my mothers 82nd birthday. Couple that with writing a horror story and the sequel to¬†Raising Hell, and I’ve been in kind of a melancholy place this week. Which is a bummer, because some good things are happening. Tonight was a very entertaining writer’s meetup group with Gail Martin, Jay Requard, Darin Kennedy, Jaym Gates, Nicole Burns and a bunch of other folks, and I’ve started getting things lined up for Connooga. I’ve got my panel schedule, which I’ll unveil a little later, and we’re still hoping to find time to squeeze in a Big Bad 2 Launch Party at the convention, if we can get some guarantees that the print books will be on hand.

So just to go over my anthology schedule for the year, and also partly to put it all in one place where I can find it if I need to, here’s the list of anthologies I’ve committed to for 2015.

February release – Big Bad 2 – edits only, I don’t have a story in this one

Release TBD – Dreams of Steam V – this features a Great-Grandpappy Beauregard short story

Release TBD – Capes & Clockwork II – featuring another Great-Grandpappy Beauregard short story

Release Summer 2015 – Untitle corset anthology – Edits only, I don’t think I’m writing anything for this one, but maybe if I come up with something. I plan to edit this in March and have it released this summer.

Release Summer 2015 – Untitled horror anthology – I just got this invite a couple weeks ago, but I’m working on a ghost story for this one.

Release Late 2015 – Tales of the Weird Wild West – this will feature an original Bubba the Monster Hunter in the Wild West story

Release Early-Mid 2016 – Untitled Sci-Fi Wrestling Anthology – Co-editing with Jay Requard, this one I’m writing the through line/interludes and editing.

Release Mid 2016 – Big Bad 3 – No, we haven’t even started talking about this one yet. But you all know it’s coming.

So that’s got me committed to a minimum of six anthologies in 2015, plus a Bubba short story each month, plus a Harker novella each quarter, plus a Black Knight Chronicles novel, plus revisions on a dragon novel that I want to finish up. That’s two dozen releases this year. Yeah, I’m insane. But lets see how many we can manage. So far I’ve completed my portion of two Bubba stories, one anthology and one novella. I’m halfway through another short and another novella, so we’re making good progress. As long as I can keep the pipeline full I’ll stay busy, and that keeps me from getting maudlin. I’ve also got a story to write for Mama Tried, an outlaw country music-themed crime anthology that James Tuck is putting together. That gets us to 25 in a year. Not counting the re-release of White Lightnin’, Fair Play, or the collections of things that are coming out.

And we haven’t mentioned for a while the fact that sometime this spring we’re making Fair Play into a movie. So that’s a thing. I guess I’d better quit navel-gazing and get back to work.

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