Autographed Books Make Great Gifts!

They really do. And I happen to have a few books lying around at the end of the convention season. So here’s what I’ll do – I’ll SELL THEM!

These are all paperback, unless otherwise noted, and all from my convention stock. There will probably be a bookmarks or two stuffed inside each book, and maybe a free download card or two tucked along. Prices do not include shipping, pay attention below for shipping options. I will ship books no later than 12/15 to insure delivery before Christmas (or at least the best I can), so orders have to be in by THIS SUNDAY, 12/13 at some arbitrary time like 6PM Eastern.

I will inscribe the books to whomever you’d like, and I’ll write pretty much anything in there you want, as long as it’s not offensive or truly dickish.

Here are the books I have on hand and the Holiday special pricing I’ll offer –

Black Knight Omnibus – collects Hard Day’s Knight, Back in Black, and Knight Moves – Cover Price $22.95 – Holiday Price – $20

Paint It Black – Black Knight #4 – $12.95 cover – Sale Price $10

In the Still of the Knight – Black Knight #5 – $12.95 cover – Sale Price $10

Black Knight Bundle – All 5 volumes – $40

The Big Bad II – Hardcover – Cover Price $30 – Sale Price $20

The Big Bad II – Paperback – Cover Price $15 – Sale Price $10

Scattered, Smothered & Chunked – Bubba Season #1 – Cover Price $15 – Sale Price $12.50

Grits, Guns & Glory – Bubba Season #2 – Cover Price $15 – Sale Price $12.50

Bubba Seasons #1 & #2 – $25

The Chosen – $10

Genesis – $10

Raising Hell – Quincy Harker #1 – $5

Straight to Hell – Quincy Harker #2 – $5


Some of these I have very limited quantities of, so they might sell out quickly. Like Genesis, I think I have one print copy. Bubba Season #2 I have three. So if you want something, don’t screw around. It’s an end-of-year inventory liquidation because I don’t want to have a lot of inventory for the next two months when I don’t have any shows.

Shipping – I will ship USPS Media Mail anywhere in the US for $5. If you need it faster, or a different way, or international, we’ll discuss shipping when I confirm the order.

Gift Shipping – Yeah, I’m happy to send these as gifts. Just allow enough time, and let me know it’s a gift.

All orders must be prepaid via paypal to johnhartness AT gmail DOT com.

Merry Christmas and Hannukah and stuff!


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