Back in the saddle?

So once upon a time, there were blogs. And there were blog aggregators, and people read blogs, and blogs were super-active, and a thing, and some people wrote blogs about poker, and then they parlayed those blogs into jobs writing “news” articles about poker, and then they got fired from those jobs and turned to writing fiction (not that there hadn’t been some fiction in the other work).

Then there was Twitter, then Facebook, then Instagram, then Tumblr, then whatever, then whatchamacallit, then whodafuqknose…then most of that stopped being fun.

So there were still blogs. And some folks still owned blogs, no matter how infrequently they posted to them. And when Facebook and Twitter and all the other social media sites started throttling the amount of posts they displayed, it became a lot more effective to have a blog again.

At least I hope. I mean, I know I won’t be throttling this space down at all. In fact, I’m going to try very hard to do just the opposite. I’m going to try to be consistent with my posting here, and to post a lot of the crap I used to post on Facebook here instead.

So I think I’m back. We’ll see. I still have a fucking ton of books to write, but I think I can get some better mileage out of regular blog posts than I can out of just screeching into the void on FB.

Either way, Hi! Good to see you. Hope you’ll come back for a visit.

In the meantime, here’s my latest release – Heaven’s Door. It’s book 6 in the Quincy Harker series. I think it’s really damn good, and boy, you wanna talk about shit getting real? Shit gets real real up in here. So give it a look. It’s exclusive to Amazon, so if you need to read it on other platforms, print will be available in January, and all my releases are available to all my fans early using my Patreon.


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