Cover Reveal – Heaven Help Us, Quincy Harker #7

It’s that time again, that time of the year when my release schedule gets compressed and I need to write like a motherfucker to get everything released that I want to release in 2016. So hot on the heels of Heaven’s Door last month, November will bring you Quincy Harker #7 – Heaven Help Us.

In the latest Quincy Harker novella, we find out what happened to Harker after the events in Heaven’s Door. How does he deal with the death of one of his friends? How does he handle the betrayal from the last book? How does Detective Flynn handle her new world? And who the fuck is The Shadow Council and what are they doing?

Find out November 17th, in Heaven Help Us, Book 3 of The Cambion Cycle, Quincy Harker Year Two.

Heaven Help Us Cover

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