Did I mention there are stickers?

So I made some stickers. There are Bubba stickers, Harker stickers, Falstaff stickers, and Black Knight stickers. I even took a picture of the stickers, but WordPress is being a dick this morning and I can upload the photo, but it’s rotated 90 degrees. When I rotate the image, it rotates it 180 degrees.

So here are some sideways stickers.


If you want some sideways stickers, there are two ways to get them.

  1. See me at a signing or a convention, and buy a book. I’ll put a Falstaff sticker and one of whatever sticker corresponds to the sticker in the book, along with a nifty Falstaff Books bookmark that has a link on the back to go download a free Falstaff Books ebook ┬ásampler. Yeah, that’s the link for the free ebook right there, too. Or for a buck I’ll give you all four stickers. Or if you bring me a beer to my signing table I’ll give you all four stickers. And probably a hug. Awww, fuck it, I’ll give you a hug even if you don’t bring me beer or buy anything. I’m a big fuzzy fat guy, I’m all about that Hug Life.
  2. You can also get stickers mailed right to your door by becoming a Patreon Patron at the $5 level or higher. You also get a bunch of other stuff, including free stories, access to the Patron-only video Q&As, and free ebooks.

So if you want stickers, I got stickers. Those images are also available on t-shirts, and if you buy one of the shirts and send me a picture of you wearing it, I’ll send you the stickers. You can get the shirts at TeePublic.

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