New Release – Calling All Angels


Did I mention that there’s a new Quincy Harker book coming out Friday? Because there is, but it’s not a normal Harker book. In fact, everybody’s favorite demon hunter only makes one appearance in this book, and that’s by voicemail.

You see, Harker Year 3 is a huge crossover with my new series, The Shadow Council Case Files, and those two series tie together to make an 8-novella cycle called Quest for Glory. There will be four Shadow Council books, and four Harker books, and they all work together to tell the story of the team’s hunt for the archangels and the quest to get Glory her wings back, and thus restore her divinity.

The story kicks off in Calling All Angels, which features Joanna Harrison, who goes by the moniker of Jo Henry when she’s slamming a hammer into the face of demons and other baddies. She’s looking for Archangel Michael, and when she finds him, she quickly realizes that her troubles are just getting started!

This book follows immediately after Heaven Can Wait, and will be followed by the next Harker novella, Devil Inside, which should release on or before April 1.

You can pre-order it on Amazon today, and me and the cat will thank you for it!






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