Evolution – the beginning

Free Publicity for Writers!
I’m gonna start a new feature on this here website, entitled “Evolution.” This will tie into my Writer’s Journey podcast, except here writers will be able to talk about where a story came from.
So if you’re a writer with a published book or short story, self-published or otherwise, you can send me an essay, no more than 1,000 words (500-800 is preferable) about where a story came from.
Please email the essay, along with a bio, photo, buy links, and cover image (don’t make those photos huge!) to john AT johnhartness.com. I’ll start running these every Friday, so go ahead and shoot me content
PS – your buy links will be so much easier if you use Books2Read.com – they compile all your buy links into one universal link, so no matter how people want to buy your crap, they don’t have to dig through a ton of links.
This is intended for professional writers, or people working towards becoming professional writers. As such, I will enact some quality control. If your essay is a pile of error-riddled crap, I won’t run it. If your cover looks like it was created by an epileptic three-year-old, I won’t run the essay. If you are a dick, I won’t run the essay. Have a nice day. 🙂
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