Busy Couple of Weeks

Hey folks, how’s it going?

It’s the beginning of con season here, which means it’s stupid busy. I spent a fair chunk of Friday packing boxes of books (yes, in between episodes of Iron Fist, which I enjoy, but not as much as I loved Luke Cage) for SC Comicon next weekend. I’ve got several appearances and signings coming up in the next few weeks, and I’d love to see you at any or all of them.

Actually, maybe not ALL of them. That might be a little creepy, and I might have to wonder if you don’t have anything better to do with your life than follow me around like some kind of low-rent Grateful Dead tour. Without the drugs. At least, as far as you know. But there’s better not be anyone selling molly in the parking lot of my book signings.

Nah, fuck it, you be you, booboo. If you wanna sell molly in the parking lot of a book signing, you sell all the molly you want. I don’t know how much custom you’re gonna find in the parking lot of Park Road Books, but you could probably make some serious bank at a comic con or at the Winthrop bookstore. Huh, maybe following fantasy authors around and selling drugs at their signings could be a whole new business model.

For somebody else, of course. I would never suggest that drugs are anything other than the evil scourge of our society that the media says they are. But, since we’re on the subject, you holding?

Anyway, I’ll be at Park Road Books in Charlotte this coming Wednesday night at 7PM promoting the anthology Cinched:Imagination Unbound that we published at Falstaff Books last year. I’ll have my good friends Misty Massey, Gail Z. Martin, Larry N. Martin, Nico Serene, and Dave Harlequin with me, so come on out and pick up an awesome book or two! There’s more info at the Facebook event page.

Next weekend I’ll be at SC Comicon, slinging my books and books by all the Falstaff authors! This is a great little two-day con, and I really shouldn’t call it little, because there’s a ton of people there. They’ve got a great guest list this year, and I bet there will be a lot of Bernie Wrightson tribute pieces done, since the comics legend passed away last weekend. Falstaff author Bobby Nash will also be there, promoting his new release 85 North, as well as the ton of stuff he’s written, and our friend Davey Beauchamp, who makes incredible fractal fan art, will be there too. If you’re anywhere near Greenville, you should come out and say hi.

The following week I’ll be at my old alma mater Winthrop University for a multi-author signing and discussion about our anthology We Are Not This. This charity anthology was created to protest the discriminatory and frankly bullshit hate-filled law that NC passed last year called HB2. It’s a piece of shit legislation designed to marginalize some of our citizens and while people are concentrating on that section of the law, stripped employees of all sorts of protections that they used to enjoy in a civilized society, all because our former governor is a cockbag and the NC General Assembly is full of twatwaffle shitsuckers. I have been accused of having strong feelings on this issue.

But if you’re interested in hearing a bunch of social justice warriors talk about why they care about a law that doesn’t affect them directly (hint – the answer is because we’re fucking human beings), come join me, Melissa & Jason Gilbert, Lucy Blue, Tally Johnson, and Misty Massey talk about the concept of looking out for other people and treating people the way you want to be treated. You know, the shit they taught you in kindergarten.

Then next weekend I’ll be in glorious Shelby, NC (no shit, it really is a very pretty town, and gave us Earl Scruggs and Acoustic Syndicate, so it’s got a badass musical heritage) at an event at the Shelby Public Library. My homey Darin Kennedy set this up with the fine library folks (I heart librarians) and there will be a ton of authors there, including a bunch that I’ve already mentioned here, like me, Gail, Darin, as well as AJ Hartley, Jake Bible (I’m gonna wear my Stone Cold Bastards t-shirt), Misty, Nicole Givens Kurtz (who has a guest blog coming up here on Friday), and other badasses. You can find out all the info at the Facebook Event Page.

So yeah, I’ll be a lot of places, I’ll be talking about (pimping) all the things. Come see me, say hi, get a sticker, take a selfie, bring me your cat to snuggle (don’t really, that might be weird, unless you check with the venue ahead of time and they say it’s cool. In that case, totally bring me you cat to snuggle.). Hope to see y’all soon!

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