Covers everywhere! And a little bit about a new project…

I have a bunch of stuff coming out in the next couple months, and I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing cover artist, Natania Barron, working on them. She’s already got the covers knocked out for the next Quincy Harker book, which will be out this month sometime, the next Shadow Council book, which will hit e-stores next month, and a brand new standalone project that’s coming later in the spring.

First up, here’s the cover for Devil Inside, the next Quincy Harker novella. Devil Inside continues the 8-book crossover event that I’m tentatively calling Quest for Glory. If anyone comes up with a better name, I’m all for it.

In this story, Harker is dealing with some of the fallout from Season 2, then moves on to hunting down the first of the Implements of the Archangels that he has to find. His quest takes him to Charleston, SC, and of course it isn’t as easy as he hoped.

He has to deal with the city’s mystical guardians, who aren’t very trusting of a random new wizard in town, plus a sorcerer who wants to sink the city beneath the ocean, AND he has to find a magical book and his best hope lies in a dotty shopkeeper that speaks only in Shakespeare quotes.

Life can get tough when you’re the Reaper.







Angel Dance is the next episode in Quest for Glory, and I’m currently writing this one. This novella features Adam, Frankenstein’s monster, in New Orleans looking for the Horn of the Herald. The Horn was played by the Archangel Sealtiel in the War on Heaven, and it’s now lost in a sea of musical instruments in one of the greatest cities for music in the world. Needle, meet haystack.

And of course that can’t be the only thing going on, so Adam has to deal with the fact that someone or something is hunting down practitioners of magic in the Crescent City and murdering them, including one of Adam’s few friends. He doesn’t like it when people hurt his friends.

Don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. For real, folks, he’s friggin’ Frankenstein’s monster, why would you piss him off?







Fireheart is a bit of a departure for me. One, it’s a full-length novel, and y’all know I don’t write that many of those. Two, it’s more of a YA thing than a snarky adult thing, which was a fun changeup to write. And three, it’s a standalone rather than part of a series, so this book is all you get with these characters. It’s something I’ve had kicking around for a while, and I finally dragged it out, finished it, and polished it up. It oughta be out late spring.

In Fireheart, a mountaintop removal mining operation wakes up a sleeping dragon. That’s not a euphemism, they really wake up a damn dragon. Of course, the dragon has been asleep for a few hundred years, and he’s pretty grumpy when his alarm goes off. Rachel Hampton’s father is one of the head geologists at the mine, and he’s injured in the attack.

Rachel’s life is complicated enough with her best friend crushing on her and the cute boy she ran into on her bike (literally!). Then she’s riding through the woods and sees this really cute guy standing in the woods. Butt naked. With golden skin. Because dragons don’t always wear their scales.

So there’s a love triangle. And a dragon. And black helicopters. Because why wouldn’t there be black helicopters?

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