Upcoming Events – ConCarolina Schedule

ConCarolinas is next week, and I’ll be there, as always! This year is going to be something special, because we’ll be launching Lawless Lands (which you can totally pre-order now from your favorite digital store), and we’re doing a live Authors & Dragons podcast with THE ENTIRE CAST! I’m really excited to hang out with the boys at my home con, and it’s going to be very cool to actually meet Steve Wetherell and Joseph Brassey for the first time.

So if you want to come hang out, here’s where to find me –


4PM – I Talk of Dreams – Shakespeare and Fantasy stuff.

5PM – You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive – A Justified Panel at a SF/F Con? YUP!

6PM – Hold Onto the Light – I’m fucked up. You’re fucked up. Come be fucked up together, and learn how to help other people. Bring tissues.

7PM – Princess Alethea’s Traveiling Sideshow – I will read redneck poetry while other people do similarly silly thins.



10AM – Going for the Laughs – Can anyone be funny at ten in the morning? If it’s possible, this gang will do it!

12:30PM – An Hour with Sherrilyn Kenyon – come join me as I interview our Writer Guest of Honer

3PM – Falstaff Books Spotlight – See what’s out and what’s coming soon!

6PM – Authors & Politics – Not a comedy panel. Well, maybe.

10PM – Authors & Dragons live podcast – Definitely a comedy panel. Be drunk when you arrive. We will be.



11AM – An Hour with Sherrilyn Kenyon – if she’s still speaking to me after Saturday. 🙂


To find out who else will be where, go to www.concarolinas.org. 

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