2017 Hugo and Nebula Awards Eligibility

It’s awards time, and the following books are eligible for recognition from the Hugo and/or Nebula Awards. If you are an eligible nominator, and would like to nominate one of these works, here’s the list of eligible publications by Falstaff Books from 2017 –

Novels – Amazing Grace – John G. Hartness

Fireheart – John G. Hartness


Novellas – Into the Mystic – John G. Hartness

Frost & Filigree – John G. Hartness

Cold as Ice – John G. Hartness

Mason Dixon, Monster Hunter – Eric R. Asher

Mason Dixon and the Wampus of Reeds Spring – Eric R. Asher

Spells, Salt, & Steel – Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin

Tweety & the Monkey Man – J.D. Blackrose

Caitlin Kelley, Monster Hunter – Theresa Glover

Of Shade and Soul – A.G. Carpenter

Of Flesh and Bone – A.G. Carpenter

Gods & Monsters: A Shadow Council Archives Novella  -S.H. Roddey

The Depths of Time: A Shadow Council Archives Novella – James Palmer

Calling All Angels – John G. Hartness

Devil Inside – John G. Hartness

Angel Dance – John G. Hartness

Running with the Devil – John G. Hartness

Souls Collide– J.D. Blackrose

Souls Fall– J.D. Blackrose

Souls Rise– J.D. Blackrose

Souls Unite– J.D. Blackrose


Short Stories – Jazz City Blues: A Quincy Harker History – John G. Hartness

Aubrey Campbell – Desert Gods (Lawless Lands)

Matthew J. Hockey – Railroad (Lawless Lands)

Seanan McGuire – Pixie Season (Lawless Lands)

David B. Coe – Lost Words (Lawless Lands)

Laura Anne Gilman – Boots of Clay (Lawless Lands)

Jo Gerrard – Trickster’s Choice (Lawless Lands)

Gunnar de Winter – To Hear a Howling Herd (Lawless Lands)

Pamela Jeffs – Cards and Steel Hearts (Lawless Lands)

A.E. Decker – Bloodsilver (Lawless Lands)

Nicole Givens Kurtz – Belly Speaker

John G. Hartness – Walk the Dinosaur

Barb Hendee – The Time Traveling Schoolmarms of Marlborough County

Margaret S. McGraw – Rainmaker

Jeffrey Hall – Out of Luck



Novelette – Faith Hunter – Wolves Howling in the Night (Lawless Lands)

Edmund Schubert – Calliope Stark: Bone Tree Bounty Hunter (Lawless Lands)

Dave Beynon – The Stranger in the Glass (Lawless Lands)

Jake Bible – Rollin’ Death (Lawless Lands)


Hugo Only – Best Editor (Short Form) – Emily Lavin Leverett

Best Editor (Short Form) – Melissa McArthur Gilbert

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