New Book Bundle for Halloween and More!

Hey there! Here’s a badass new book bundle that I’m part of along with some awesome writers including Gail Z. Martin, Mario Acevedo, Dean Wesley Smith, Quincy Allen, Jean Rabe, Kelly Harmon, Stuart Jaffe, and Mindy Klasky. It’s on sale wherever ebooks are sold, and also is available on BundleRabbit! It includes Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 1, and eight other great books for as low as $2.99 for the whole set! Get your bundle today!

The world as I see it.

Hey there – Just dropping in for a quick update. My writing, at least as far as the stuff I’m publishing, has been slowed down a bunch this summer by travel and the fact that I have been slamming on Black Knight #7 as hard as I can go for a while now. But the end of that project is in sight, so I have managed to get started on Bubba Season 4, Episode 2, where Bubba deals with his psycho Granny, Mad Queen Mab of FairyLand. I also have a short story due by August 1 that I should […]

Upcoming Releases and Appearances

Hey folks – I know there are a few people who aren’t on my mailing list that sometimes pop by here, so I wanted to give everybody an update on what’s going on and where I will be. BTW, why aren’t you on my mailing list? Sign up here and you’ll get a free book! So, new stuff. Here we go. On July 29, I released Heaven Sent, book #5 of the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series. In Heaven Sent, we travel back to 2009 to see the first meeting between Harker and Glory, his guardian angel. She shows up […]

Brief Preview – Moon over Bourbon Street

New Bubba is coming soon, here’s a little tiny taste that I thought was funny.  “What happened?” Skeeter asked, his voice going all high and panicky. This time I didn’t blame him. I was starting to think pretty strongly about cutting and running myself. “Eddie just showed up.” “Eddie the voodoo priest from last night?” “In his butt-nekkid glory with a dozen other necked folk walking behind him chanting and glowing.” “Did you say they were glowing, Bubba?” “Yes, and before you ask, I only had three Hurricanes, they were half-strength and it was a couple hours ago, so yes […]

New Bubba out today!

Rest High on that Mountain, the latest Bubba the Monster Hunter short story, releases today! It’s exclusive to Kindle for 90 days, but my Patrons can get it free! So head on over to Amazon and check it out, or go over to Patreon and become a patron at the $10/month level and get it free!                                           Bubba’s back, and so is baby brother Jason! This time, Jason has sent a pack of wolves to terrorize Bubba’s Aunt Marion for […]