Help Selling More Books – Multiple Buckets (or – why you’re not very bright if you aren’t doing audiobooks)

Sorry for the clickbaity headline, but I’d like to get some more traffic. 🙂 So yeah, really not a bit sorry. When I talk to writers nowadays, sometimes I’ll have the conversation with people about audiobooks that goes something like this – Writer – “Do you really make any money off audiobooks?” John – “It’s almost 20% of my annual income, so yeah, I make some money off audio.” Writer – “I don’t know anything about how to do it.” John – “I have the technical skills of a tree frog and the patience of a hummingbird on meth. You […]

How to Sell More Books – JK Publishing, Small Presses, and how not to get ripped off

I’m going to do something a little different on this week’s blog about selling books, and give y’all a cautionary tale (and maybe some links to more) and some tips on how to avoid getting ripped off by a crooked publisher, or some signs on how to tell that your publisher is in over their head and you might be in for some problems. This is spawned by the current arrest and charges filed against the owner of JK Publishing  in Colorado. According to this article and others I’ve seen, she is accused of defrauding authors of over $125,000 over […]

Help Selling More Books – Part 4 – An Unpopular Opinion on Social Media

Let’s talk about social media, shall we? I know, you’re probably tired as fuck of hearing about social media. You’re either baffled by the idea of social media, because you don’t really do the technology thing, or you’re paralyzed by anxiety about social media, because you hate dealing with people and are terrified that someone might talk to you, or you’re annoyed with social media, because people like me keep telling you to use social media and you have no idea what is the right way to do it, and you wish someone would just tell you exactly what to […]