This comes from a true story about a friend who got drunk one night and bought a houseboat on eBay. Some things, thought John Roy Parnell III, were just inevitable. As a matter of fact, everything in his life since the day he broke his leg trying to roll out for a first down in the high school state quarterfinals had seemed to flow inexorably onwards like ten thousand pounds of molasses going up the side of a hill in January. It never went very fast, but it never quite stopped moving, either. And ever since he lay three yards […]

Now What?

So after posting 45 segments of a novel online and updating my website with multiple buttons to my book of short stories and poetry, now what do I do? Well, for one thing, I get back to what got me here – I blog a bit more. I had toyed around with keeping this page as a writing samples page and adding a blog elsewhere on the site, but that’s just not gonna work. I’m too lazy to update two sites, so it’ll just all be here. And I’m going to work on new material. I’ve got some poetry to […]

Choices, Part 40

We’re in the home stretch now, both in uploads and edits. If I finish editing before I finish uploading, the whole thing might see print before it sees the web, but that’s pretty unlikely. But I’m feeling pretty solid that the book will be available by Labor Day at the latest in hard copy, and sooner than that for the Kindle and other e-book formats. In the meantime, enjoy the next section and go buy my other book in hard copy here or here. And it’s now available for the Kindle here. And if you have a site and could […]

So why this? And why now?

You might be wondering why, after publishing 39 installments of a novel on this little website, I would decide to start off my self-publishing life by publishing a collection of short stories and poetry, and not hold off until the novel happens. Well, some days so am I, but here’s how my thinking ran. Having never published anything on before, or on any other self-publishing format (and the word publishing is extremely hard to type this morning for some reason) I decided to publish the collection of randomness first to see how it all looks. I wanted to see […]

Choices, Part 39

If you’re reading this via the RSS feed, don’t forget to click through to the main site and pick up your signed copy of my collection of short stories and poems, Returning the Favor and other Slices of Life. I opened my eyes a second later and Lucky was still sitting there, calm as could be, with a little grin twitching the corner of his mouth. He stood, turned slowly around, and reached out to Eve, snatching the shotgun from her hands like you’d take a lollipop from a toddler. Then he wrapped both arms around her and picked her […]

Some random updates

So if you’re paying waaaayyyyy too much attention to the layout of this here blog, you’ve noticed a new button over on the sidebar, which says that my collection of poetry and short stories is now available for purchase! I know, I’ve been working on Choices so much that I almost forgot I had poems and short stories, too. But I do, and the first collection is now available from (or it will be in a couple of weeks – I’m dealing with ISBN numbers and stuff like that right now). But you can order it in hard copy […]

Choices, Part 38

“Hello, Lucky.” “Hello Adam. Hello, Sidney.” He looked for all the world like something out of a Hemingway novel, all white linen suit and Panama hat. The sunglasses were there, of course, the sunglasses were always there. “What are you doing here, Lucky? And isn’t Michael going to have some objection to your being here?” I asked, looking around to see if the archangel had clued in that his eternal adversary had joined our little pool party. “I’m here to meet young Sidney, of course. And I could care less what that self-important ass objects to. Hello, Sidney. Please allow […]

Choices, Part 37

“Penny for ‘em, kid.” I said as I sat down. He took a long minute to gather his thoughts, and then it all started to flow. “What if I screw it up? I mean, I’ve spent so much of my life as a punk kid, getting all pierced and tatted up to try and be different. And now you guys come along and say that I am different, but that it doesn’t have anything to do with how I look, or with the fact that I like punk music and still believe the Bible, or any of that. That I […]

Choices, Part 36

We got back to the hotel without further incident, and Eve headed across the street to the gas station to pick up a case of beer. We were all still pretty wound up over the events at the bar, so Cain picked the lock to the outdoor pool and we sat around outside drinking beer and soaking our feet in the pool for a little while to chill out after an eventful day. Junior had started to come around while in the car, and he just sat there at first with his jeans rolled up, feet soaking in the pool […]

Choices, Part 35

By far the longest section I’ve uploaded at one time, but I didn’t want to put a break in the middle of a good bar fight. “Em, I want you and Junior to stay here. Keep the engine running and if we come out in a hurry, get us out of here pronto.” I said as I pulled into the lot and parked with the nose of the Civic pointed toward the road. “No dice, Pop. I’m going in there with you.” She said, getting out of the car as soon as I put it in park. “No way, kid. […]