This comes from a true story about a friend who got drunk one night and bought a houseboat on eBay. Some things, thought John Roy Parnell III, were just inevitable. As a matter of fact, everything in his life since […]

Now What?

So after posting 45 segments of a novel online and updating my website with multiple buttons to my book of short stories and poetry, now what do I do? Well, for one thing, I get back to what got me […]

Choices, Part 40

We’re in the home stretch now, both in uploads and edits. If I finish editing before I finish uploading, the whole thing might see print before it sees the web, but that’s pretty unlikely. But I’m feeling pretty solid that […]

So why this? And why now?

You might be wondering why, after publishing 39 installments of a novel on this little website, I would decide to start off my self-publishing life by publishing a collection of short stories and poetry, and not hold off until the […]

Choices, Part 38

“Hello, Lucky.” “Hello Adam. Hello, Sidney.” He looked for all the world like something out of a Hemingway novel, all white linen suit and Panama hat. The sunglasses were there, of course, the sunglasses were always there. “What are you […]