That’s all you have to search on Twitter to find a whole lot of fun and good times this weekend. I was there, like I’ve been every December since 2005 (jeez, really? It’s been that long?). There are some trip reports coming, but I wanted to touch on a few of the coolest moments quickly. Thursday nights are always great – raging at the Geisha Bar with everybody is a blast, having Dave Schwartz (Roll the Bones) come hang out with me & Special K was extra-cool. Chopping a tourney for first is always great – chopping it 20 ways […]

Rough Vegas Plans

All my plans are subject to change at any time due to drunkenness, the wife’s disposition or me getting distracted by shiny objects. But I think this is roughly where you’ll be able to find me at most points over the weekend. Thursday – I land 11-something AM. I’ll head over to the MGM, check in, grab lunch and be around the poker room there or at the Excalibur until Suzy gets in that afternoon. Then I plan to test the elasticity of the MGM mattresses with my wife for a couple of hours (in married-speak this most likely means […]