Screw a bunch of resolutions…

Let’s make goals instead. I suck at resolutions, but somehow manage to be pretty goal-oriented. So here are my goals for 2012. At some point I’ll take a look back at last year’s goals and see where I succeeded (number of novels written) and where I failed horribly (weight loss), but this is not that post. 1) Words per day – I’m quitting my day job, so there’s no reason not to ratchet up my productivity. My current goal is 2,000 words per day, or 10,000 words per week. That equates to half a million words in a year, which […]

Out like a lamb, poetry coming in…

As we pull into the last couple of days of March (just a few hours left to enter my contest for a Kindle!), National Poetry Month is looming on the horizon. To celebrate said celebration, I’m going to participate in Kells’ Poetry Book Giveaway! All you have to do is comment here to enter, and you’re entered! One lucky winner will win a copy of Rhett Iseman Trull’s amazing book, The Real Warnings. The consolation prize will be a copy of my book, Red Dirt Boy, signed by the redneck himself! Yes, I know the link is to the ebook, […]

Challenge continues

Won’t be hard to keep up with my Poem a Day challenge this week, since I signed on for another month of Just Do It at Theatre Charlotte April 16th. If you’re in town, you should check it out. It’s $5, and a whole fun mishmash of different written stuff, poetry, spoken word, theatre and whatever comes out of the crowd that night. This will be the third one I’ve participated in and I have a great time. The theme this time around is “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.” This is one of the pieces I came up […]

Poem a Day Challenge

For National Poetry Month (yeah, I didn’t know either until I started reading poetry blogs, because apparently I’m a poet now, which while may sound gay as all get-out does not in and of itself mean that I will commence to smoking cloves and I am still far more likely to be found wearing a luchador mask than a beret. That is all) there’s a Poem a Day challenge at Poetic Asides, a Writer’s Digest blog written by Robert Lee Brewer. I’m going to try to keep track and write a poem each day, but let’s be reasonable here, I […]

Publication Update

So I’m not counting running one of my own poems in Red Dirt Review as an acceptance, since I happen to be the editor, but you should go over there and check it out regardless. There are some great writers from all over featured this month, and as long as I can stay relatively sober I’ll publish that one a quarterly basis. But I have had another poem run in The Deuce Coupe this week, and I’m really glad they picked it up, because I felt like I really nailed this one. Sometimes I feel really good about something I’ve […]

A Plan?

So since I’m closing submission to the first issue of Red Dirt Review today, I figured I would be spending my evenings this week working on that project. Then Special K reminded me that it’s time to do another recording session for The Gambling Tales Podcast, so that’ll fill in one evening. Then I checked my calendar and saw that there’s a meeting of the Charlotte Writer’s Club Tuesday night, so that’s another evening. And Reservior Dogs opens Thursday, and I’m reviewing it for Charlotte Viewpoint, so another evening is occupied. Just Do It is taking place this Friday at […]

Open Mike

So last night I went to the monthly Open Mike night at Jackson’s Java hosted by Jonathan Rice of Iodine Poetry Journal, just to check it out and see what I thought. I took several pieces to read and figured I’d gauge the vibe and decide what to read by how things were going. Several people were working the Valentine’s Day thing, so I decided to go in a different direction. I read “Beer Goggles,” which is a piece that currently has found no love from any of the places that I’ve submitted it to, but is very popular whenever […]

Headless Chickens

Yeah, that’s what I’m running around like lately. Despite the feminist nature of my wife, and the irrefutable fact that I hold true that men and women should be treated as equals, I seriously live in the Cleaver household. I go to work, bring the paycheck home each week, and when I come home I sit down in the den watching TV, while Suzy cooks dinner and brings it to me. She then sits with me while we eat, and then she cleans up. It’s not the most 21st-century of partnerships, but she takes care of everything in the house, […]


Seems like that’s what adulthood (ick) is all about, right? Questions that you don’t really have an answer for. At least, that’s what a blog is for, anyway. So my current conundrum is book copies. I have 25 copies left of the original print run of Returning the Favor, which I’m pretty happy about. I’ve given a bunch away as Christmas gifts, given a few away in trade at book shows, and sold enough to recoup about 75% of the total printing and ISBN registration costs. I have one reading scheduled for April, and not a lot else in the […]

Publication Update

My poem Santa Fix, about a dysfunctional Christmas, was recently published in Deuce Coupe. I like this blog/journal because it tends to run edgier stuff, so I’m hoping it will be an outlet for some darker work for me. Not all poetry is pretty, and it’s a great thing to have outlets for the raw material.