It’s coming…

If you know where this picture comes from, then you’re either a degenerate gambler or you’ve done waaaayyyyy too many drugs. Or both. In any case, you might recognize the Chihuly sculpture that lives in the lobby of the Bellagio. Or maybe not. But if you’re looking for me for most of the next week, I’ll be closer to that sculpture than I will to any of my normal haunts. I’m heading to Vegas for my annual pilgrimage to the city of sin to hang with some of my best friends that I don’t see nearly often enough. I started […]

Mathematics and poker – the connection

Some players prefer to avoid thinking about the mathematics behind poker but learning some basic skills in this area could help improve your game. Poker, like many card games, is a game of chance – but if you can calculate statistical odds, you are more likely to place bets that have a higher percentage of winning and at the same time avoid those hands that are likely to cost you money. Among the mathematics you can learn to help your online poker game is how to calculate estimated value, which enables you to work out approximately how much each individual […]

Black Weekend

Not for me so much, but certainly for a bunch of my friends in the poker industry. For those of you new around here, I spent several years doing tournament coverage for major poker news and play sites. Before and during that time I made a little money, and made a lot of good friends. Due to a change in leadership at my major employer, a disagreement with an editor and a shift in focus in my life, I left all that pretty much behind me a couple years ago. Last summer was the first in several that I didn’t […]

Go west, young man

Ok, not as young as I once was, but as the song goes, I’m as good once as I ever was. I leave tomorrow night for Vegas. I’m going out to attend the National Association of Broadcasters show for the day job, but since the show starts Monday I thought I’d take the weekend and play a bit. Then I found out that the Venetian is having their Deep Stacks Extravaganza poker tournament series this month, so I’ll definitely be playing that on Saturday. My friend Hoyazo went deep in one of those last year for a very nice score, […]

Some of the Best Poker Books ever

Best Books About Poker   Lots of poker fans love to read about the game but of the thousands of poker books on the market, 95% of them deal solely with things like poker strategy and the mechanics of the game. While everyone would love to know the optimal way to play pocket jacks from early position, it doesn’t exactly make for gripping reading, especially if you’re a more casual fan of the game (or buying a present for a poker playing friend or family member). Below you’ll find some of the best books about poker that take a broader, […]

Pot Limit Omahahahahaha

Last week I joined my buddy Jim at a local underground poker room for a Pot Limit Omaha tourney. Now I loves me some Omaha, but I’ve played very little tournament Omaha, or Omadraw as we like to call it. This was a cheap-o rebuy tournament, where your initial buy-in was only $25, with $20 rebuys. Yeah, that always works well for me. I should never, ever play in a cheap rebuy tournament. I should stick to tournaments with one buy-in or $100 or better, because then I care a little more. Or can at least fake it. I bought […]

In my other life…

Where I’m not tied to the computer every moment that I’m not at work, sometimes I play poker. And since I’ve been getting killed online over the past couple of weeks, last Friday night I drove to the nearest place to play live poker with real cards. In West Virginia. Four and a half hours away. Yep, that’s right folks, unless I want to play in a home game (which I enjoy, but it does sometimes feel like we’re passing the same money around the table week after week) or I want to play in an underground game (which I’m […]

The sweetest money

Free money is always the sweetest money, and this week I managed to claim a little of the sweetest money when I played in the inaugural Gambling Tales Podcast Freeroll on Full Tilt Poker. The kind folks at FTP put together a freeroll for us, and Special K and I promoted it to the best of our ability (which means that he did a lot of work, and I sent a couple tweets and emails, which is about the same division of labor as we have on the creation of the podcast, but that’s beside the point). All our efforts […]

Starting the New Year off right

So yesterday Suzy, Special K, T and I rode down to G-Vegas for the annual BadBlood New Year’s Day tournament, an event that I won in 2006 and have not experienced any real success in since then. I continued my streak, managing to save the least amount of face only by not busting first. I busted second. 24th out of 25 runners, that’s me. But I did pretty well in the cash game, more than making up for my tournament buy-in, and Suzy’s as well. We played half No Limit Hold’Em, Half Pot Limit Omaha, with two $1 blinds. The […]

WPBT 2010, Part the first

This will be a multi-part trip report, spread out over several posts, over several days. Don’t get all impatient when I get sidetracked by – Oh look, squirrel! – and it might take me a while to get back to it, but all the stories I remember will be told eventually. Let’s start at the beginning. My flight sucked. Let’s be really clear, here. My flight suuuuccccckkkkkeeeedddddd. I t was crowded, hot, bouncy, and I was uncomfortable for most of the four and a half hours. It’s times like that when I’m supremely jealous of friends like Special K, who […]