Screaming into the 20th Century

Welcome to the “John experiments with the built-in webcam on his Mac” portion of the blog. Since I’ve been writing about writing, and trying to sell my books, but I haven’t been doing a very good job of sharing with you what’s in my books, and since they’re already considered published by most literary journals and are therefore verboten, I thought I’d (in one very excellent run-on sentence) start recording them here and sharing them that way. And of course because I’m a cheap fuck I didn’t buy a tripod for my new handheld HD camera, so I’m using the […]

New Stuff

So I’m trying to write something, anything, every day, and damn if it isn’t hard to get back on that horse. So tonight I locked myself in my hotel room at the lovely Marriott Century Center in Atlanta and cranked out a couple of first drafts. And these are truly hot-off-the-presses drafts, finished just a few minutes ago. So give me a little feedback on them, and then in a little while I’ll probably yank them off here to maintain their “unpublished” status for submissions and tweak them a little bit. Yeah, I’m travelling right before Christmas, but I get […]

Arts Market Part Deux

You like that? I got all artsy and French in the title. Good, huh? You can just see me sitting in a cafe wearing a beret smoking cloves, right? Ew. Don’t visualize. And fuck the French, cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Okay, got that outta my system anyway. So last night was the second night of the All Arts Market at the Neighborhood Theatre, and it was significantly better than Day 1. Not only did I get my spot moved from the absolute ass-end of the frigid hallway into a room with other people, there were people buying things, too. I sold […]


So this whole self-publishing thing is a bit of a grind. To date I’ve made back about 1/3 of what I spent in publishing the book, which isn’t terrible for a first-time endeavor, and it’s not like it cost me very much cash to begin with. Last night I went to the All Arts Market in the arts district here in town, set up a table and sat there for four hours. To sell one book. That was a little brutal. But I knew when I printed 100 copies that most of them were going to go to friends and […]

Welcome right f’n back

Well, on the bright side, it wasn’t THAT phone call that woke me up this morning. Those of you with aging parents knows the one I mean. Those of you with kids in their teens know it, too. When my dad showed up on the caller ID, I knew something had happened to my mom. Dad knows better than to call me at 7AM, after all. I was right. Mom had fallen and they were loading her onto an ambulance. She didn’t seem to have broken anything this time, just a nasty gash on her head, but it was a […]

On Comment Spammers, Atlanta and Poetry Contests

Does anyone have a good plugin or app to keep comment spammers off your WordPress blog? I’m by no means an expert on the format and I get tons of spam comments each day. So I’d love your help if there’s a solution out there that I just don’t know about. Back in Atlanta this week, working (ish) ’til Wednesday afternoon. Got no plans tonight if you’re in the ATL and wanna get together, let me know. I’ve pretty much settled into a routine of staying at the Marriott Century Center, because it’s convenient to the interstate and thus my […]

Creative Juices

Sometimes things work out in odd ways. I did the Story Slam reading a couple weeks ago, and after the Friday night session, Gina Stewart and Brenda Gambill, better known around Charlotte as the ringleaders of Doubting Thomas, played a set. Gina told a great story about walking through New York City and seeing a guy sitting in the doorway of the Chelsea Hotel cutting himself, and the conflicted feelings she felt before she went over to him to see if he was okay. It shook loose a chunk of poem that I’ve had locked up for a while, and […]

Biloxi and Upcoming Events

I’m trying to get back to blogging on a more or less regular basis, and for now I’m obviously leaning towards the “less regular” side of things. Back from Pensacola/Biloxi, and managed to recoup some of the losses I saw on my trip there earlier this year, picking up about a $400 profit on the trip. My bankroll is still pretty anemic, but that’s just the status quo for right now. If you’re in Charlotte this weekend, and have any interest in seeing me read my poetry, come out to Festival in the Park. I’m reading Friday evening and Saturday […]

Freewrite 8/15/09

I’m sitting on a 3.99 plastic Wal-Mart chair on a concrete balcony on the third floor of a Courtyard motel in Eastern North Carolina watching rainbows smear the asphalt across the parking lot as oil and water play stubborn through the summer thunderstorm. I’m drinking a lukewarm Miller Lite trying not to notice the fat woman testing the superstructure of her halter top and the suspension of her ’93 Yellow Geo Tracker. Her flip-flops thwack-splish thwack-splish across the parking lot looking for a vacancy and maybe a little shelter from the storm. I put a little Jessica Lea Mayfield on […]


What’s going on in Iraq right now is fucked up. This isn’t finished, just a draft, but it kinda had to come out. Right Now. Neda I just watched you die on YouTube. While your father’s screams tore through the streets of Tehran I sat at my safe desk eating my safe breakfast while you bled out the last seconds of your sixteen years in the middle of a street thousands of miles away because you wanted what I’ve never been without. While I shoved a Twix bar down my throat the last flicker of light went out of your […]