Screaming into the 20th Century

Welcome to the “John experiments with the built-in webcam on his Mac” portion of the blog. Since I’ve been writing about writing, and trying to sell my books, but I haven’t been doing a very good job of sharing with you what’s in my books, and since they’re already considered published by most literary journals and are therefore verboten, I thought I’d (in one very excellent run-on sentence) start recording them here and sharing them that way.

And of course because I’m a cheap fuck I didn’t buy a tripod for my new handheld HD camera, so I’m using the built-in cam on the Mac. Here’s the first one, the quality may improve as I go along. Or I may decide this is a huge pain in the ass and just watch football. Frankly, after I get this uploaded I’m watching football regardless.

Road Blues

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One thought on “Screaming into the 20th Century

  1. 2 types of poetry vids seem to work online 1 – no edits but a good reading 2 – lots of fancy graphics and no video just like moving pictures and audio. i go for the unedited real ones 🙂

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