Writer for Hire?

Yeah, I know, I’m a big whore. Deal with it. Last night I went to see Our Lady of 121st Street at Carolina Actor’s Studio Theatre. I liked it. For more details, I’ll let you know when my review is posted at Charlotte Viewpoint, which is an online magazine that I’m doing a little writing for. So that’s a gig, albeit one that is in its infancy right now. And I’m still writing for the PokerStars blog every other week, which is about all I can handle with my day job given the hours that are required to cover major online tournaments.

But I also have a couple of other irons in the fire. I am trying, once again, to post new content to Lighting for Worship, another website that I own. That site with practically no activity gets about 40% as much traffic as I do here writing every day, which kinda goes to show how many people are interested in lighting design and technology for churches, and how few people are interested in redneck poets. But that’s no huge surprise. I have a plan to monetize that site later in the year, but I have to get it more consistent with content before I can make that happen. Currently it’s a good resource for information, but I need to keep it current and update some of the technology on there to make it really good. I think one post per week there will be enough, if I can squeeze it in.

And I’ve decided to start an online literary magazine, called Red Dirt Review. The focus will be on Southern literature, but I’m going to use a pretty loose definition of what is Southern. If you can find Greenville, SC on a map, then I’ll accept submissions from ya. If you’ve ever spent any time outside of an airport in any Southern state (and despite its status as a sovereign nation, we’ll count Texas, too), you’re Southern enough for me. If you’ve ever read anything by Tennessee Williams, Pat Controy or William Faulkner, good enough. I’m just looking for stuff that feels a little like you’d read it (or sing it, or say it) while sitting on a porch drinking moonshine. So if you want to submit, email me at reddirtreview@gmail.com. There’s gonna be a contest, too, hopefully the contest will bring in enough entrants to pay for the prizes and printing of the journal later in the year.

But in the meantime, I’m still available for hire as a freelance writer, either on poker or theatre, or about anything else I might have any experience in. So let a brother know if you need anything scribbled, I’m available.

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