Productivity Through Procrastination

My newest scheme to actually get most of my work done, or at least be able to make some headway on my To-Do list each day (and really, if you don’t use Evernote for a to-do list that syncs between web, desktop and phone, I don’t know how you get anything done – ever) is to put things off. Well, thing, really. Namely, lunch.

You see, it might surprise the two people that ever come by here that I don’t know personally, but I’m a big fatass. And as a big fatass, I like to eat. So once I eat, especially in the winter months, I shift into my best impersonation of Fatassus Grizzliursus, or the sleepy-assed fat grizzy bear dude. So my productivity goes deep into the shitter after lunch. So this week, as I’ve been trying to play catch up after being home with Suzy for a week, I’ve been putting lunch off later and later. In addition to actually getting more work done, this has the added beneficial side effect of making the afternoon seem shorter, which is always a bonus.

The down side is that I’m not hungry early in the evening, which leads to eating a later dinner, which is not good for my other ongoing project – reducing the status of big fatass. I lost a few pounds last week when I wasn’t eating much, and now I’m just trying to inflict a little portion control on myself and get my gluttony under control. I also started lifting weights again, and I was so sore last week I could barely lift my hands to shoulder level. This week is a little better, so I’ll try to add a little more each week until I get back in a shape that isn’t completely round.

Last night I went to a local Tweetup, which was an interesting mix of web types, artsy types and elected officials. Everyone was nice, and I met a few people that were actually interesting, but it was a lot of people in a small space, which I don’t do well with at all. I left early, but enjoyed it. Unfortunately I likely won’t go back due to the level of discomfort that environments like that leave me in.

What I haven’t talked a lot about here, is at all, is that I really don’t do well in loud, crowded environments. When I was in college, I worked summers at the local amusement park’s amphitheatre, running spotlight for the bands that came through. I loved the gig, had a blast, saw some great concerts, but the cost was part of my hearing. Because of the way the intercoms were rigged, I lost part of the hearing in my left ear. I don’t hear the higher registers very well, and it’s a situation that’s exacerbated in noisy situations. My right ear is fine, so if you’re around me in a noisy room or at a loud concert, you’ll notice that I try to put you on my right side. I also try to do that at crowded restaurants, because otherwise I’m not going to be able to hear some of the conversation, and I hate to feel left out or that I’m ignoring someone.

This is pretty easy to deal with in a group of lighting people, because better than half my compatriots have some level of hearing loss. It’s just a matter of us lining up our “good ears” and having a pleasant evening. Since we all understand that it’s not a personal slight, but a physical malady, no offense is ever taken. But around folks with normal hearing, especially if you aren’t profoundly deaf and have none of the speech markers that go along with that, people think you’re just not paying attention, or worse, lying about it. Or women don’t understand why you’re leaning in so close when they talk, and think you’re getting in their personal space. It’s not any of that, it’s just that I can’t hear you. It’s embarrassing, and it’s a lengthy explanation when the inevitable “what happened” comes along, and that’s also embarrassing because it boils down to “I was young and stupid and thought that ear protection was for pussies so now I can’t hear out of one ear.”

So there are certain environments that I just avoid, and last night’s Tweetup, although pleasant for the company, was one of the environments that I’ll probably pass on in the future. So now you know why I don’t go to Haufbrauhaus, no matter how much I like the food or company, and why I can’t handle some other places or types of events.

Suzy’s improving every day – thanks to everyone who has emailed, called, visited or sent well wishes!

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One thought on “Productivity Through Procrastination

  1. lordy, John, you gave me a good laugh tonight and as i’m plowing through reading someone’s manuscript i needed that!

    although i also need to get off my fat ass and lift some weights to!

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