Change in plans

So the first issue of the Red Dirt Review is ready to go! I’ve got some great contributions from poets, storytellers and photographers all around the US and even Canada for our first issue, and I’m pretty excited about it. I did decide to go ahead and print a few copies to give to the contributors, because why not, if folks are going to send me the fruits of their creativity, and I’m gonna go to the trouble of making a print-ready copy anyway, then I may as well buy a few and give them to the contributors. Everybody else that wants a hard copy can buy one, either from the RDR site or using this link on Lulu. I think when it’s all said and done you’ll get it a buck or so cheaper buying it off my site, but you’ll get it faster buying it from Lulu, ’cause I’m not going to place the order for hard copies until I proof one, which won’t happen until late next week. I should still have them in hand by March 1, which was my goal all along.

Why the change of heart? Because I like to read on the crapper, and these turned out to be about the perfect size to put on the back of the crapper. And the poems and stories are short enough to work out to about the right amount of time for a good sitting session, if you get my drift. So head on over to RDR and download a copy for free, or order one for $10.

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