Out of pocket

That’s where I’ll likely be for the rest of the week. I’m currently in Charleston, WV en route tomorrow to Lexington, KY for the Southeastern Theatre Conference for work. I’ll be manning our booth part of the weekend, teaching two workshops, herding kittens for a new products seminar and spending entirely too much money on booze for the rest of the week. So I thought I’d drop a brief post to let you know what’s up in the Hartness household.

Suzy’s in pretty good shape, she had a checkup this week and was told that it would be about two weeks before she’s able to resume all normal activities. Her mobility is very good, but she still runs into some pain when she tries to lift anything too heavy. She’ll be taking my place at a booth at the All Arts Market this week with our friend Lindsay, who will be selling some of her photography. Suzy will have copies of Returning the Favor for sale at our booth, and hopefully my order of Red Dirt Review will come in tomorrow and she’ll be able to have those as well. I dunno if they’ll make it in time or not, but they have shipped.

I have a few more things on the publication front to report – my poem “Aftermath” is now live on The Dead Mule’s March issue. I also had four more pieces accepted this week, three by Calliope Nerve and one by Writer’s Bloc. I’ll link up the other places once those are live. That brings me to 11 accepted for the year, so I’m pretty thrilled with that. I went down to the SC Book Festival last weekend to check it out, and made a couple of good contacts with publishers. A couple of them expressed some interest in Choices, which I think I’m renaming to I Made the Devil Do It.

I also put up some Red Dirt Review shirts in my Zazzle store, so head over to the RDR site and check those out. I think they’re moderately cool, but I’m a little biased. So I’ll probably not be able to post much the rest of the week, and then I’m headed straight back to Atlanta on Sunday, then to the week of endless boogie. I’ll try to post photos from the shenanigans that ensue. A

And I got a badass lucha libre mask to wear while I party!

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One thought on “Out of pocket

  1. must see a picture of the lucha libre mask!

    pictures and all are up of the Green Rice gathering if you didn’t seem them already over at Facebook 🙂

    Glad Suzy is doing better. I wanted to make it to the SC Book Festival but just never quite made it out of town!

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