For my apple-lovin’ friends…

So if you want to get my book, The Chosen, on your iPad or iPhone and don’t want to wait until it’s available in the iTunes store (sometime in September we hope) here’s a post for you! And if you don’t want to buy my book, but still want to put other e-books on your iPad, this will help with that anyway, and because I’ve given you such life-affirming advice that made the sun peek out from the clouds, birds sing and your car’s exhaust smell like lilacs and rose petals, you’ll go buy my book anyway. So here’s how […]

The Chosen, by the numbers (so far)

So I don’t have any idea if anyone is interested in a breakdown of what it costs to self-publish a book (and the answer is not $0), but I’m going to give you a breakdown anyway. We’ll ignore the cost of time, because with any artistic project your time is basically given away for free. The four months it took me to write the book and the months it took to edit and polish are gone, and we can’t really assign a worth to them. So ignore that for the moment. Let’s look at labor for people I hired to […]

Me, a teacher?

Well, kinda, I guess. From time to time I’ve led workshops on all sorts of things over the years, almost all of them having to do with theatre in one way or another. As all of you know, I enjoy the sound of my voice, and with an ego like mine, I can’t help but think that my pearls of wisdom will do the peasants before me some good in their lives. Unfortunately for those of you who want to tame my ridiculous self-image, other people keep feeding that delusion. This week the company I work for hosted a Lighting […]

E-Reader hits magic $99.99 price point, big publishers cry a little

Today the world ended. Well, not really, but certainly we reached a big point in the world of e-readers, the magic sub-$100 price. Sears is selling the Sony e-reader for $99.99, which a lot of people (I dunno, experts? whatever) have decreed as the magic number that will change the world and make e-readers and e-books really take off. I think those experts are late. I think the magic moment happened a few months ago, with the release of the iPad. No matter how cool it is that the Sony reader is available from Sears for a hundred bucks, I […]


Because that’s the word you use when you’re starting a journey, right? And in our vernacular, it’s become the word for the end of one thing and the beginning of another. So yesterday the transition happened, very quietly, from potential to actual in my status as a novelist. When I got the proof copy of the paperback edition of The Chosen, and it was a good proof, I decided that now the real work begins. Writing the book was fairly easy – I battled all the built-in distractions of living in this century with all these toys, chained myself to […]

On growing older

So this year, at 37, what do I think of life in general? It sucks getting old and fat all at the same time. I can’t do anything about the one (except die, and I couldn’t bear to deprive you all of my wit), so I’m trying (again) to reduce the other. Ten pounds in a month may not seem like much, but it’s really quite a lot. I figure now that I’m continuing to try to lose weight it will slow down, but if I can drop five pounds each month, that will put me close to goal weight […]

It’s in the mail…

This was in my email box last night, and it was pretty exciting – Shipped on Mon, 09 Aug 2010  via Mail All items in your order have been shipped. In This Shipment =========================== 1 of The Chosen by John G. Hartness (Printed) This is my proof copy, so hopefully by the weekend I’ll be ready to release it for print and purchase. For a limited time, in a sheer profiteering ploy by yours truly, the book will be $20. After a little while, probably September, the price will drop to $15. These are paperback prices. I’m still waffling on […]

Return of the Grievous River

Last night marked the return to action of the degenerates of the Falstaff home game, albeit not in the Casa de Falstaff. We were at a secret underground bunker (Skoon’s man-cave) rather than my den because Suzy’s been laid up after foot surgery a couple weeks ago. She’s had issues with plantar fasciaitis (sp?) for several years now and had a procedure done where they send shock waves into her heel to break up nodules that have grown into the tendon. She’s healing up nicely and I expect she’ll be able to return to regular housecleaning and lawnmowing duties soon. […]

Exciting news, and a pain in my @$$

So I got proof copies of The Chosen in yesterday, so that I can send a few to local writers to get cover blurbs, and I was all excited. Yay! Hard copies of the book! Then I looked inside and saw that the margins sucked and the print was so small you couldn’t read the damn thing. Boo! The same thing happened with the proof copy of Red Dirt Review, and I thought I had taken care of that, but obviously not so much. So I spent a couple hours last night fiddling with the formatting, and ordered another proof […]

Something new

And I don’t just mean two blog posts in the same month, although that might qualify as well. Last night, after a production meeting for Annie (funny the kind of shows we’ll accept when we have to pay for a new roof, isn’t it?) I headed over to the auditions that my buddy Jimmy was having for his company’s season. Jimmy was auditioning a bunch of stuff throughout the year, and I basically put on my audition form that my schedule was retarded but we’d work something out if he needed me. I like Jimmy as a person, and respect […]