Because that’s the word you use when you’re starting a journey, right? And in our vernacular, it’s become the word for the end of one thing and the beginning of another. So yesterday the transition happened, very quietly, from potential […]

It’s in the mail…

This was in my email box last night, and it was pretty exciting – Shipped on Mon, 09 Aug 2010  via Mail All items in your order have been shipped. In This Shipment =========================== 1 of The Chosen by John […]

Return of the Grievous River

Last night marked the return to action of the degenerates of the Falstaff home game, albeit not in the Casa de Falstaff. We were at a secret underground bunker (Skoon’s man-cave) rather than my den because Suzy’s been laid up […]

Something new

And I don’t just mean two blog posts in the same month, although that might qualify as well. Last night, after a production meeting for Annie (funny the kind of shows we’ll accept when we have to pay for a […]