Exciting news, and a pain in my @$$

So I got proof copies of The Chosen in yesterday, so that I can send a few to local writers to get cover blurbs, and I was all excited. Yay! Hard copies of the book! Then I looked inside and saw that the margins sucked and the print was so small you couldn’t read the damn thing. Boo! The same thing happened with the proof copy of Red Dirt Review, and I thought I had taken care of that, but obviously not so much. So I spent a couple hours last night fiddling with the formatting, and ordered another proof copy. Hopefully it looks good. But on the up side, at least now my proof copies will have the right cover art, because my designer and I have finalized the cover. Check it out below. I think it’s fun, and captures enough of the spirit of the book to get people interested, and I like the red/yellow contrast. So check it out.

And I have decided to make a hardcover available, so there will now be three release dates for the book. Hardcover first, then paperback about a month after that, then ebook a little later. I’m not sure how long it will take Rob to get the ebook conversion done because I know he’s stacked up right now, so I’m still hoping for September. So hopefully for my birthday (next Friday in case you haven’t marked your calendars yet!) you’ll be able to order hardcovers. Then by Labor Day hopefully paperbacks and ebooks will be ready. I’m not sure how long it will take the ebook to be available in the Kindle store or iTunes, but it’ll be available on Smashwords as soon as the formatting is done. So now check out the cover by Lindsay, and lemme know what you think!


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One thought on “Exciting news, and a pain in my @$$

  1. Not a fan. Don’t like the font, or the overuse of the drop shadow.

    Too much chain. I get what you’re going for, but I don’t think it needs to surround the title, also the things hanging off the chain are too large, especially since one would think the apple might be the focus, and not whatever the leather clip thing is.

    The whole thing also looks a bit flat, which just enhances how obvious the shadow on the text is.

    And finally – why is the artist copyright on the cover? Isn’t that sort of thing usually on the inside? It just adds more distraction and clutter.

    Sorry man, love the story, but not the cover.

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