On growing older

So this year, at 37, what do I think of life in general?

It sucks getting old and fat all at the same time. I can’t do anything about the one (except die, and I couldn’t bear to deprive you all of my wit), so I’m trying (again) to reduce the other. Ten pounds in a month may not seem like much, but it’s really quite a lot. I figure now that I’m continuing to try to lose weight it will slow down, but if I can drop five pounds each month, that will put me close to goal weight in a year. And since it took me two years to put this much weight on, if I can lose it in half the time, I’ll be thrilled. I’ve kinda reconciled myself to fighting with my belly for the rest of my life, because I like food and I don’t like to exercise. That combo means that I’m going to be going up and down pretty much for the duration, I need to just limit the swings. So if I can get back down to around 210-220, I’ll be happy bouncing around there. I’d love to see the first number in my weight be a 1 again, just once, but I’m not gonna sweat it.

One thing I’m trying to work on is balance. I’ve spent the last several years (and if we want to be honest about it, my whole life) bouncing between obsessions. Theatre to poker to weight loss to work to writing to poker to cycling to whatever. Well right now I’m trying to do less of a lot of things so that no one thing co-opts all my time. I’m trying to write for at least half an hour a couple times a week. I’m trying to focus on work when I’m at the office, and ignore it when I’m not. Poker has become an enjoyable social activity, rather than something I spend hours every week on. So I’m working towards balance. I’ll let you know if I get there.

I still have hopes that I can turn writing into the career eventually, and getting The Chosen out is the first step. I’m checking the mail every day for my proof copy so I can make it available for purchase, and begin the process of promoting it and trying to sell a few copies. I’m thinking of doing a promotional blog tour for the book, where I pop in on blogs of readers and friends and do a guest post about the book. If you have a blog, and would be willing to let me have a post there to promote my book, drop a comment and let me know. Who knows, I may even put up a post on Pokerstage about it, since that site still gets a little traffic each month.

I’m 37 and not sure of where I’m going with my life. So far it’s been one long string of happy accidents and fortunate outcomes. So since I’ve made it this far without a plan, I see no reason to make one now. Thanks for coming on the ride with me, I’m glad you’re here.

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5 thoughts on “On growing older

  1. 37 and old? Well, that may call for one of those drugs with all the warnings to keep you going. Or, having turned 70 myself, I could just stop by and plant one where it might do some good.

    37 may be a point where those who got by on their looks are starting to panic. But, even your best friends have to laugh here.

    As to the weight, a poll would show an unusual percentage of readers thinking back to that 5th grade joke. You know the one. It starts out with the question: Know how to lose 10 ugly pounds?

    Quit worrying kid. The mid-life crisis slowly goes away. I’m almost over mine.

  2. You’re not old, Unc, but you’re right to be balancing. I am doing the same thing. Best of luck to you, and when you balance Charleston out in your schedule again, let me know. We love having y’all down here…

    You really should consider talking to mom though…she’d probably be able to help you out with that goal weight.

    Miss you and love you!!

  3. Just dawned on me I misspelled niece and your blog won’t let me edit that…so this is to show that I’m not a complete idiot! 🙂

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