Something new – a writing challenge

I’ve decided to use Kait Nolan’s Round of Words in 80 Days to kick-start me into finishing Back in Black (and Blue) – Black Knight Chronicles, Vol. 2. I’m about 7,000 words into the book now, and I should be able to finish it out within 80 days if I have someone that I have to report in to. So here goes – I’m going to write the last 50,000 words of Volume 2 between now and March 24th, with an intermediate goal of 5,000 words each week. I usually write 1,000 words per day during the week and give myself the weekends off, but this will let me use the weekends to catch up if I fall behind. I should be able to finish up the first draft during that time, which lets me get the print edition ready to go for the Heroes Con in June!

This word count should leave me a little float time near the end because I know I have a lot of work travel in the beginning of March that could screw me. Wish me luck!

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