All’s Quiet…

On the Southern front. I’m in Atlanta for work this week, and I’m still kinda floating around doing not much of anything writing-wise. I’ll be kicking it into gear tonight on my short story, pretty sure I know where it’s going. I think I’m going to let Greg be the lead in this story, because he’s always the sidekick and never the superhero. I might be a little skewed because I just got finished reading the comic series Countdown to Infinite Crisis, which puts Jimmy Olsen in a leading role for a change. But you know, you see a good idea and you steal it, right?

I got chapters 1 & 2 back from my proofreader, but haven’t even opened the file yet. When I finish a project, I just want to avoid even thinking about it for a few days, you know what I mean? I’m planning cons and booking exhibitor tables at book shows, and that’s getting a little spendy, but I really think it will be of benefit in the long run. I think my outlay for the year will be about a grand in table fees, and that’s without Dragon*Con, which looks like it’s going to have to wait until I’m a big enough deal to be an invited guest. I’ll probably attend and drink, but I can’t float the $1,100 for an exhibitor table there.

Here’s my current schedule of cons and appearances for the year (as it stands in January).

February 18-20 – RoundCon – Columbia, SC

March 20 – Charlotte ComiCon – Crowne Plaza Hotel, Charlotte

April 14 – Sensoria Literary Festival – Charlotte, NC

May 14-15 – SC Book Festival – Columbia, SC

June 3-5 – Heroes Con – Charlotte Convention Center

September 3-5 – Decatur Book Festival – Decatur, GA

October 14-16 – NY Comic Con – Javits Center, NY NY

And I might try to do the NC Comicon again this year, and if things go well, the VA Comicon as well. That keeps me pretty busy, especially with all the work conferences I’m committed to. Those look like this so far –

Feb 6-8 – Rigging Training – Madison, WI (Yes, I’ll be at Quaker Steak and Lube in Madison watching the Super Bowl, should be entertaining!)

Feb 10-12 – Georgia Thespian Festival – Columbus, GA

Mar 3-6 – Southeastern Theatre Conference – Atlanta, GA

Mar 9-11 – US Institute of Theatre Technology – Charlotte, NC

April 9-13 – National Association of Broadcasters – Las Vegas, NV

And let’s not forget things like –

Merlefest – April 28-30 – North Wilkesboro, NC

Rent – May 1-12 – Theatre Charlotte, Charlotte NC

24 Hours of Booty – July 29-30

World Series of Poker – June 16-20 – Las Vegas, NV

So I’m not home much this year, apparently, but that’s nothing new. That’s why I have a laptop and not a desktop computer. Put three more books in the mix for the year, and it should be a pretty busy twelve months, ya think?

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