NY Comic Con report, Part 1

Because when there’s over 100,000 frigging people at a convention, it gets more than one post! And yes, there will be photos. And yes, most of them will be of hot chicks in skimpy outfits. Let’s start with a quick overview. If you’ve been to many fandom-based conventions, like MidSouth Con, ConCarolinas, even Dragon*Con, you ain’t seen nothing like Comic Con. It’s way more of a trade show than a con. What I mean by that is that people mostly buy their Comic Con tickets for the exhibit hall and the autographs, and the panels are kind of an afterthought. […]

Upcoming Events

I’ll post more from HeroesCon/ConCarolinas later, once I’ve had a little more sleep and time to process. Needless to say it was a great weekend, and I even sold enough books to make back my table fee! The coolest thing that happened all weekend is at the end of this post, so you’ll have to read the whole thing to get there. We’re not going to discuss the pile of money I spent on comics, we’re going to call it a win and be done with it. No really, that’s what we’re doing. Regardless, I’ve got some great stuff coming […]

Charlotte ComiCon Report

I had bronchitis and was sick as a dog, but I made it down to the Crown Plaza hotel and hung out for the day with some cool peeps like the guy who got stuck being my neighbor, Bobby Nash. Bobby’s a comic writer among many other things, and he was gracious enough to snap the picture below and email it over. Check out his stuff and give him some love, he’s a great guy! I sold a couple of books, but of course spent more than I made, thanks largely to finding the Sandman Dream Hunters hardcover, as well […]

All’s Quiet…

On the Southern front. I’m in Atlanta for work this week, and I’m still kinda floating around doing not much of anything writing-wise. I’ll be kicking it into gear tonight on my short story, pretty sure I know where it’s going. I think I’m going to let Greg be the lead in this story, because he’s always the sidekick and never the superhero. I might be a little skewed because I just got finished reading the comic series Countdown to Infinite Crisis, which puts Jimmy Olsen in a leading role for a change. But you know, you see a good […]

NC Comicon

Last weekend I went to Raleigh to participate in the NC ComiCon. I had a great time, despite feeling kinda crappy all weekend with the crud that eventually levelled me and kept me out of of work for the first half of this week.  But I got to meet some great folks, including Jim Valentino and Richard Case, and my booth neighbor Rob Anderson, creator/writer/publisher of Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit, a futuristic comic featuring funky hybrid animals like gatorsnakes, pandadogs and pocket dragons. Rob was very friendly and in good humor through the weekend and his upbeat patter kept […]

Heroes Con 2010

Had a great time today at the Heroes Convention walking around, talking to different creators about their books, buying way more stuff than I had budgeted (at some point I’ll admit that my “budget” for a con is really what I have in my pocket, as I may refuse to stop before I spend that much), and attended a great panel by some Marvel editors, writers and artists about how to break into the comic business. I also passed out a bunch of business cards and talked to a bunch of folks about Choices, my novel. If you’re one of […]

And now for something completely different…

Obviously I haven’t abandoned Choices, but this might be the beginnings of something else entirely. Let me know what you think. I’ve never written for the graphic novel genre before, but you know, there really is a first time for everything. If any artist-types out there wanted to do up a sample page or two and chat about collaboration, that would be kinda cool… UNTITLED VAMPIRE THING P. 1 Four panels. Top left. Black frame. Text box – Being a vampire sucks. Top right. Exterior of a crypt. Text box – That wasn’t a pun, puns suck more. Bottom right. […]