Charlotte ComiCon Report

I had bronchitis and was sick as a dog, but I made it down to the Crown Plaza hotel and hung out for the day with some cool peeps like the guy who got stuck being my neighbor, Bobby Nash. Bobby’s a comic writer among many other things, and he was gracious enough to snap the picture below and email it over. Check out his stuff and give him some love, he’s a great guy!

I sold a couple of books, but of course spent more than I made, thanks largely to finding the Sandman Dream Hunters hardcover, as well as the second and third collected editions of Echo by Terry Moore. If you’re not familiar with Terry Moore, then get on over to his website and snatch up as many copies of Strangers in Paradise as you can! SiP was one of those groundbreaking comics for me, in that it was a story of normal people (mostly) with normal loves, lusts, hates and issues (mostly). Okay, some of the issues were a little exaggerated, but it was a phenomenal comic, and I have the Omnibus edition sitting on my shelf at home. It has to sit on the shelf. I tried to read it on my lap once and my legs fell asleep for three days. The move towards Omnibus editions still leaves a little to be desired. But I digress. Anyway, Terry’s now writing and drawing Echo, and I’m way hooked. I’m not going to give away any of the story, but you should buy it.

But I had a good time, also chatted for a few minutes with the lovely Chrissie Zullo, who has done the covers for the Fables spinoff/limited series/whatever Cinderella. She’s cute as a button and incredibly talented, a real up-and-coming artist from right here in Charlotte! I think I heard she was moving to NYC, but she did mention she’ll be at the Heroes Con in June, along with Terry Moore and yours truly! I bought a small press table for the weekend and will be pushing books on unsuspecting comic book geeks June 3-5. This means that I won’t get to be at ConCarolinas, which would have been fun, but I think my profitability potential is greater at Heroes, so that’s where I’ll be this year at least. I’ve also submitted my applications to Dragon Con and the NY Comic Con, so that might book a lot of my travel for the fall. I dunno how those will shake out, but if Dragon doesn’t take me (they get a lot of movie and TV star types, as well as a ton of authors, so I’m only moderately hopeful on that front) I’ll probably grab a tent at the Decatur book festival, which is the same weekend. Either way I’ll be somewhere around Atlanta for Labor Day, and hopefully in NYC mid-October.

Started work on Knight Moves, Book 3 of the Black Knight Chronicles, last week. Should be ready to go sometime in June. Hope I get it finished before Heroes, but I’m not going to rush it. This book is going to add more characters, a new recurring semi-baddy, and see the boys actually contemplate something deeper than beer and blood bags.


And this is what I look like with bronchitis at a comic book show!

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