Heroes Con 2010

Had a great time today at the Heroes Convention walking around, talking to different creators about their books, buying way more stuff than I had budgeted (at some point I’ll admit that my “budget” for a con is really what I have in my pocket, as I may refuse to stop before I spend that much), and attended a great panel by some Marvel editors, writers and artists about how to break into the comic business.

I also passed out a bunch of business cards and talked to a bunch of folks about Choices, my novel. If you’re one of them and came here trying to remember what exactly you were supposed to do when you got here, click here to read my novel.

So here’s what I think I’ve decided over the past few days – despite the money issues that we’ve run into over the past couple of weeks (i.e. me putting my foot through the roof and hastening the $4,000 new roof we have to put on the house), I’m going to push a lot harder over the next year to make this writing thing work. I wrote my novel last year and then decided to take a year and try to get some publishing credits before I moved forward with it. Well, I’ve had 13 poems and one short story published since January, and I haven’t submitted anything since the beginning of April, so I’m going to consider that mission accomplished.

So now on to Step 2 – publish Choices. I’m thinking it needs a new title – maybe something like I Made the Devil Do It, or just The Choosing, but it needs a better title. But regardless, I’m actively soliciting an editor from my friends who have done that type of work, and I’m actively soliciting a cover design. I plan to have it published in ebook format hopefully by Labor Day, but certainly by the end of the year. I’ve found a guy who will do the conversion to epub and kindle format for a reasonable price, so I hope that I can get it all ready to go for about $500. I also hope that my editor will work on commission, but I think that won’t be a problem. So I’ll have it out in ebook format this year. I’ll also do some print on demand stuff, so that I can have copies to sign, and people that don’t own a Kindle, Nook or iPad will still be able to buy the book (although you can read ebooks on computers, too). If I set the price at $3, I’ll get a little more than $2 of each ebook sold, and it should be fairly simple to get some folks to take a flyer on a $3 ebook. Especially if I can get some good reviews going. So some of you may be solicited for reviews in the coming months.

I’ve already started my next novel, as well as a pair of short stories that may form the basis of a collection. I also have a script for a comic in the can, which just needs an artist, but that may need to wait until the beginning of ’11 to get much traction, as the rest of this year will be spent focusing on the novel(s) and getting the first one ready for public consumption.

So that’s the plan. For now at least, but as you know these things are subject to change without much notice. I’ve picked up more freelance design gigs to help pay for the roof and replace income from poker writing that has gone away (mostly due to my choice, as it was interfering with the day job). I know it seems counterintuitive that I would add freelance theatrical work to replace freelance writing, especially when my ultimate goal is to be a writer, but the poker writing was more of a scheduling conflict with the day job, and I found that writing for that medium for so long really started to step on my creative writing. I really envy folks like Pauly or Otis, who can still turn out really top-notch material after so many years in the poker biz.

This will also result in more regular posting here, as I focus on keeping the muscles flexed, as it were. So I’m back, for now at least.

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