No Sunday Spotlight this week

On account of I’m le tired.

Almost done with the second proof of Back in Black (and Blue), and the more I type it, the less I’m nuts about the title. So do you guys have any suggestions? The criteria are – must reference a rock song and must use the word Black or Knight in the title. Leave me a comment if you have a better title for a snarky-funny vampire book that fits those criteria.

Georgia Thespian Festival was fun, I got to meet some nice folks and get an idea of the scope of the educational theatre scene in the state. I was blown away by the fact that over 3,000 people registered. That’s a whole bunch of little actor-kids. With that many actor children in one place, there were certainly a whole lot of show tunes abused over the course of the weekend. Think of it as twenty episodes of Glee running all over a convention center and a hotel, all at the same time. And I’m the token straight boy in the middle of it.

And in two weeks I get to do it again.

SETC is one of my favorite shows that I attend each year, because I got my job through the conference. This is the 17th conference I’ve been to in a row, going all the way back to 1994 in Savannah. I’ll be teaching three workshops at this year’s conference, or at least leading three panels. One is on Things I Wish I’d Learned in College, focusing on the important life lessons we learn AFTER we get out of school. Another is on how to take care of a lighting system and what to do when it breaks, and a third is a new products seminar for lighting equipment, where all the vendors get to show off their wares. It’ll be a lot of fun, and I’ll be in the bar every night networking.

Yeah, that’s what we call it. Networking.

Sunday Spotlight is probably moving to Mondays, because I get more readers during the week anyway, so I’ll try to be back tomorrow with a little more focus.

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