(Paper)Back in Black update

Back in Black is now available in paperback! You can get your copy by following this link, or if you want a signed copy, in a few days I’ll have a link added to the side of the home page so you can order them directly from me. Beware – those will take a while to arrive. I do not yet have my hard copies in hand, and life is hectic right now, so signed copies will probably take a week or two to ship. Your best bet, as always, is to see me at a show (like the Charlotte ComiCon next weekend) and get a signed book there. You also save $5 on shipping that way.

I’ve sold about a book a day so far in March of Back in Black, and about the same for The Chosen. The surprise has been the dip in sales for Hard Day’s Knight, which is only selling very slightly better than the more expensive books. I’m going to hold the $.99 price point for at least March and April, to try and get a significant enough sample size to make a decision about long-term pricing. With a little luck, this month might be a milestone month for me – I might break the $100 mark on ebooks sold. Not a huge amount of money, but better than a kick in the junk.

I’m also starting to feel the itch to get back in the heads of Jimmy and Greg, which is good, since it’s about time to start working on book 3, which I’m tentatively calling Knight Moves. This one is going to get a little deeper into some backstory on the boys, add a major character for this book only, and begin a three-book side plot for a major character that is going to change the way the boys look at life (or unlife) forever.

You think I’ve read enough comic book promos in my day?

In the meantime, go buy a book, Daddy needs more caffeine!

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