Kindle Winner Announcement!

Never let it be said that there isn’t any benefit to procrastination – the winner of the Kindle 3 giveaway posted her review of Back in Black right under the deadline wire, and got her trivia questions in with just a week to spare!

Our winner is Cat Lail!

Cat did all the stuff you could do to get extra entries – she bought books, reviewed books and answered a bunch of trivia questions. Well, it all paid off because her lucky number was drawn and now she’ll be the proud owner of a Kindle 3G!

Congratulations Cat, and thanks to everyone who stopped by and entered! Stay tuned tomorrow (or the next day, because sometimes I’m slow) for a big announcement about an upcoming promotion event!


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One thought on “Kindle Winner Announcement!

  1. NO WAY! i am SOOOO excited!

    i started reading your blog because I read about the contest, but i stayed because i read one of your books! and, i’ve been loving reading about Jimmy & Greg’s antics!

    gosh, I’m so excited to have won a Kindle – my dream!

    thanks so much, John. your newest fan!

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