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Yep, I’m going to try out one of these new-fangled blog tours. I stumbled upon The Bookish Snob while looking for book bloggers to see about getting some love for my books, and I found out that Belinda over there has a service that she offers that is basically a tour director gig. So I checked the rates, thought they were very reasonable, and shot her an email. She replied that my stuff looked like a good fit, and got rolling setting everything up.

So next month I’ll be going on tour! I’ll be visiting more than two dozen blogs all across teh interwebs, ending up here on June 10th. I’ve got a slew of guest posts and interviews to write up, so my output here may be limited during that time. Because between the guest posts and cranking out a pile of words each night on Knight Moves, I’m gonna be a busy boy.

But I finished the outline for Knight Moves last night, so I should be able to jam on that in the next three weeks or so, and maybe (just maybe!) have the first draft complete before I head off to the SC Book Festival. If any of you are in Columbia, SC May 13-15, come see me at this free event! But I do have a couple of things looming before that, including a lighting design for RENT here in Charlotte (not that I’m in Charlotte at the moment, I’m actually in Atlanta for work) and Merlefest! There will be plenty more Merlefest info coming soon, but suffice to say that I’m crazy excited about it for a ton of reasons, not the least of which is ROBERT PLANT.


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  1. We’ll my book blog is still under construction but it is occupied. You’re always welcome to make a stop there. Just got Back in Black today so hopefully it gets reviewed soon

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