Hittin’ the Road

The Virtual Road, that is. Next week kicks off my blog tour with Bookish Snob Promotions, so here’s a rundown on where I’ll be and what you can expect when I’m there.

May 16 – I’ll be doing a Guest Post over at Black Lagoon Reviews

May 17 – I’ll be doing a Guest Post at Karissa’s Book Review, along with a chance for folks to win a signed copy of Hard Day’s Knight!

May 18 – The fine folks at Urban Fantasy Investigations have done an interview with me.

May 19 – Another Guest Post, this one at My Bookish Ways

May 20 – A Guest Post at A Chick Who Reads

May 21 – Interview at Paranormal Opinion with another signed book to give away!

May 22 – I’ll be interviewed at Reality Bites
You can keep up with me on Twitter or Facebook, where I’ll update the tour daily, and you can always find info here or at Bookish Snob Promotions. Please come over and check out these guest posts and interviews, where I get a lot more into the writing process than I typically do here on my rambling blog. And please go support Belinda over at The Bookish Snob, who’s putting this whole thing together for me.

There hasn’t been much progress on Knight Moves, because I’ve been working on RENT and getting ready for the SC Book Festival, both of which are this weekend. Also, Suzy is in a different play, which also opens tomorrow night. So it’s been a little nuts around the Hartness household. But everything calms down for a couple of weeks after Monday, so that’ll help out with my productivity. And my sleep :).

So please come visit me on tour, and if you’re anywhere near Columbia, SC this weekend, come visit me in Real Life. The Book Festival is free and features a big pile of authors, including me, Sam Morton, Faith Hunter and Kalayna Price.

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One thought on “Hittin’ the Road

  1. Definitely know Butcher, but who’s Kenyon? That’ll be great if you do carry the series futhrer. I was pretty bummed when I read that bit a while ago about it being a shorter series. I like that you’re planning ahead and thinking of arcs for your books too. It seems like too many authors these days are just writing from book to book with no direction at all. =\And on a completely unrelated side note I read Knight Moves a bit ago and was thoroughly bummed by that last conversation between Jimmy and Greg. So good job on sparking those emotions. I always like when an author can make me sad. It’s easy to make a reader happy, but not so much sad.

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