Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find

As a matter of fact, they’re on 7th Street most days, but this weekend they’ll all be downtown at the Charlotte Convention Center! Yep, it’s one of my favorite times of the year, time for the Heroes Con! With this year, I’ll have hit almost hit the cycle with this con, having worked the con as an employee, attended as a fan, and now I’ll be there with my booth selling and signing books!

I’ve got what I think is a killer booth location, Booth AA-65, right along the front wall of the show, on the end really close to the Silent Auction area. I don’t know who my neighbors are yet, but there are some awesome folks coming to the show from all aspects of comic-dom.

From the webcomic world, Chris Flick of Capes N’ Babes will be at the show, as well as Kevin Freeman of Subculture. Those are a couple of webcomics that I subscribe to, as well as Charlotte’s own Rich Barrett, creator of Nathan Sorry. Those are all worth checking out whether you come to the con or not.

In the print world, the lovely Chrissie Zullo will be there (Cinderella), Neal Adams (Green Lantern) will be there, Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl) will be there (and seriously, if you haven’t checked out CPG, what kind of nerd are you? Every year I go to the Heroes Con and give myself permission to be a total fanboy geek over one and only one artist or writer. Last year it was Bill Willingham, and I got lucky enough to get him to sign my Fables hardcover with no one in line. This year I’m so totally stoked at the chance to meet Terry Moore that it’s not even funny.

You don’t know Terry Moore? Jebus, how are we even friends? Go buy every trade paperback edition of Strangers in Paradise that you can find, because it is teh hawesome! Seriously, shut up. I know they’re expensive, but they’re that damn good. SiP is so good I bought the omnibus edition. Which is pretty much too big and heavy to actually read, but it’s still awesome! And his new stuff, Echo, is also awesome.

I’ll have all my books there, and a drawing to win a chance to name a bad guy in Book 3 of Black Knight Chronicles (don’t sweat it if you can’t make it to Charlotte, you’ll get a chance, too!). And thanks to the fine folks at Square, as long as I can get cell service (always iffy in the bowels of the Charlotte Convention Center), I’ll be able to take cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express!

I hope I see you there!

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One thought on “Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find

  1. Congrats on completing (?) the con cycle of life! Have fun — I’ll be at the Charlotte Convention Center in a few weeks for a decidedly different convention than this — fewer opportunities to geek out, I suspect.

    Hope you’ll blog abt meeting Terry Moore — I went to an author reading recently for China Mieville that left me starry eyed and gushing like a 12-year old girl with a sparkling unicorn.

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