Crowdsourcing story ideas

Here’s the deal – I’m going to crowdsource a couple of ideas for the next Black Knight short story. I plan to write it this weekend, and offer it for free here on the blog for a week. After that, it’s going to be $.99. By contributing ideas as part of this hopefully fun experiment, you give up any ownership of said ideas, and they become mine to do with as I wish, for this experiment or future stories, books, novels, etc. Your submission of an idea explicitly agrees to those terms. All you get out of the deal is a thank you.

In advance – Thanks!

You can comment, Facebook or tweet your answers –

First – Gimme a villain

Second – Gimme a location

Third – Gimme a Song to incorporate somewhere in the story

Fourth – Gimme an adjective that I have to use somewhere

Fifth – Gimme an expletive that has to be used somewhere

It’s kinda like MadLibs, only sillier. This is why I should always go to bed earlier.

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2 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing story ideas

  1. Villain Harland McGrath
    Location drifting through small towns of the Mid West
    Song Phil Collins…” In the air tonight”
    Adjective Stone Cold
    Expletive Crapper

  2. Let’s make “crapper” the adjective, as well as the expletive. Something along the lines of “You’ve let my gazpacho soup get stone cold! Yesterday’s dinner was crap, and this is even crapper!”

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