Back to reality

Or whatever most closely approximates reality for me these days. Looks like September will be the calm before the ridiculousness that is October for me, as I  think I’m home most of this month, and gone most weekends next month. I spent a large portion of the morning looking at regional cons and trying to figure out which ones I want to attend next year, and then looking at budgeting for all that travel, which is no small feat. Cons are one of those things that some people love and others loathe. I’m still trying to figure out where I […]

Guest Post – Jerry Hanel

Welcome to Insanity. Welcome to the State of Insanity. Several people have asked about my books, and have wondered where the idea of Brodie came from. I thought I would take a minute to explain him, if you would indulge me. I believe that every character ever invented is — at some level — a reality of the author. Even the most vile villains exist deep in the core of the author, just expounded by a thousand-fold by the time they reach the paper. For me, Brodie is a real part of who I am. He’s the shy introvert in […]

Going Old School?

So this weekend I landed a deal with a traditional publisher. Yep, you read that right. Regardless of my statements about the logic of self-publishing (which I still stand by, as you’ll see later) I have sold large portions of The Black Knight Chronicles to Bell Bridge Books, an up and coming small press with an eye toward the future and a savvy marketing plan. Why would I do this, you ask? My wife and I had a long talk about the possibility and the decision came down to a couple of things. One, having a publisher behind me will […]