Help a writer out – BookBombs away!

From Larry Correia’s blog – Amazon link to Variant: Today is the day to go purchase Variant by Robison Wells from Amazon, and then to tell all of your friends to do the same. Rob Wells is a writer with a problem, and he’s lost his job because of that problem. You can help by buying his book, and by telling all your friends to do the same thing. I’m buying it today, and you should too. Go to Larry’s blog to find out more – Monster Hunter Nation.

The next couple of months

Are going to be busy. I know, broken record and all that. But I’ve got quite a few things going on, and some of them are even exciting, so I figured I’d tell y’all about them. But first, I just deleted about 450 spam comments in one fell swoop from the blog here, so if you left a comment in the past week and it didn’t show up, please let me know what it said, because I probably just nuked it. Sorry. Next week I’ll be hanging out at the NoDa Arts fest again, showing off new samplers of my […]

Product Review – EasyCanvasPrints.Com

Note – This is a sponsored post So every once in a while, people will send me offers for nice things (or even better, cash) if I endorse their products. I don’t really know how they find me, and I don’t really care. I don’t accept all of these offers, probably two or three a year at most. But the most recent folks to reach out to me were the nice people at They sent me an email asking if I’d review their product here, and in exchange they’d give me a nice sample. I said sure, because I […]