It’s coming…

If you know where this picture comes from, then you’re either a degenerate gambler or you’ve done waaaayyyyy too many drugs. Or both. In any case, you might recognize the Chihuly sculpture that lives in the lobby of the Bellagio. Or maybe not. But if you’re looking for me for most of the next week, I’ll be closer to that sculpture than I will to any of my normal haunts. I’m heading to Vegas for my annual pilgrimage to the city of sin to hang with some of my best friends that I don’t see nearly often enough. I started […]

My Kindle Fire Review

Two weeks ago tomorrow, I got my Kindle Fire. Now I’m that guy, the guy that has the newest toys, so it surprises no one that I got my Kindle Fire on release day. Since I’ve usually got an angle or two working, it also surprised none of my friends that I used a bunch of Amex points to get it for $40 with case. So I was pretty happy with it, and since I’ve been Amazon Prime for years, I took full advantage of the two-day shipping deal.So here comes my review, especially since I’ll be giving one away […]

Free Short Story – Turkey Day Debacle

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Here’s a little something I tossed together for your enjoyment! Turkey Day Debacle By John G. Hartness I knew I was in trouble when I stepped into the grocery store. I looked over at Abby and said, in all sincerity “Remind what people eat on Thanksgiving again?” “Well, turkey for starters” was the snotty reply from my shopping partner, a twenty-two year old newly turned vampire with a body to die for (if I wasn’t already dead) and an attitude to slit your wrists over. “I remember the turkey, smartass. What else?” “Jeez, Jimmy, how long have […]

Win a Kindle Fire!

It’s the hottest new toy for the holidays, it’s the Kindle Fire! And I’m giving away not one, but TWO of them! Yep, two lucky winners will get a Kindle Fire this holiday season, and it’s 100% free to enter and win! Yep, this is how I’m using the last of my marketing budget for the year! It might be free, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be simple – there are LOTS of ways to gain entries, and if I’m gonna drop $400 on electronics, you better believe I have a plan to sell a few books in […]

Short Fiction for Anne McCaffrey

The fantasy world lost a giant today. Anne McCaffrey has flown from us. This is a small tribute that I made for her. I hope it honors her memory in some small way.   Friends By John G. Hartness “And what about you, Anne? What are you going to be when you grow up?” Mrs. Pennywise asked, her saccharine tone hiding the disdain she usually showed for Annie. No matter what the girl tried to do, nothing seemed to make the old woman like her. Her dresses were never starched enough. Her shoes were never polished enough. And her hair, […]

Interview with Blake Crouch & Joe Konrath

If you’ve been around the self-publishing debate at all, you’ve heard of Joe Konrath. He’s a hero to some, villain to others and a frog-raping monkey to many more. Don’t ask about that last bit. It disturbs even me. Well, Joe and Blake Crouch (buy his book, RUN – it’s completely and utterly badass!) have a new book coming out Tuesday from Amazon’s thriller division Thomas & Mercer, and the boys were kind enough to give me a little interview time to pimp their new book. Here’s a little bit about Stirred, available for pre-order RIGHT THIS SECOND from J.A. […]

#Sample Sunday – Genesis

For Sample Sunday here’s a chunk of my newest novel, Genesis – it’s a little like Mad Max meets X-Men:First Class. The teens stopped cold at the scene in the store. Jake the storekeeper was on the ground in front of the counter, a large man looming over him holding a baseball bat in one hand. Jake was gasping for breath and holding his ribs, and the man standing over him wore a wicked grin. A thinner, equally filthy man stood by the door with a hunting knife in his hand. Christin and Matt froze in the door, then Matt […]

Ugh, sorry

I missed my Friday post yesterday. Sorry about that. I kinda forgot what day it was until it was late, and then it didn’t happen. Anyway, here’s what’s up in the land of Hartness. I wrote a short story and submitted it to a magazine. We’ll see how that goes. It’s a stand-alone story that grew out of a lunchroom conversation. If it gets 5 rejections, I’ll self-pub it and you can read it then. This is part of my ongoing plan to get enough SFWA credits to join. I’ll be writing more stand-alone stories and submitting them around while […]

Let me stand next to your Fire!

My new Kindle Fire came in the UPS yesterday. I am teh happy. Honestly, I haven’t had a ton of time to play with it between work, finishing up a short story and sending it off, and then back to work. But it’s really pretty. And I have the next four days off work (two to make up for working Saturday and Sunday last weekend), so I should be able to get some time on the device this weekend. Between playing Dragon Age II and writing stories, that is. The new Bubba story is out, and I think it’s pretty […]

New Bubba story forthcoming!

Yep, he’s back and bigger and badder than ever. This time Bubba faces his most deadly challenge yet – the ballet! I intentionally went with kind of a cheezy font for this, because it’s kind of a cheesy little fun story. Bubba goes to the ballet to investigate strange occurrences, as usual things are not what they seem, and as usual there ends up with significant bloodshed and property damage. It’ll be out in ebook form sometime later this week. I’ve also created a new print book that will primarily only be available at signings. It’s a sampler of sorts, […]