More Newsletter Cultivation

Facebook continues to dwindle as a way to connect with readers and bring new fans into the fold, so I’m going to continue pushing to grow my mailing list so that i can keep folks apprised of all my goings on. So here’s my new offer – Sign up for my Mailing List and get Three FREE ebooks!  That’s right, all you have to do it follow this signup link, do what it tells you, and then in a few days I’ll send you a link where you can download a free ebook! Then the next month you’ll get my […]

Evolution of Evil – “A Family Affair” by Selah Janel

I use Selah Janel’s story in The Big Bad volume 1 as both a cautionary tale on everything NOT to do when submitting to an anthology, as well as a cautionary tale on the benefits of being friends with people in the industry, most notably editors or people who might one day become editors. When Selah and I became friends, I had no intentions of editing anything, much less a series of horror anthologies. But I did, and when it came time to start reading for The Big Bad, I got an email from Selah saying (basically) “I have a […]

Where I am and where I’ll be . . .

I’ve been adapting to the new job fairly well. It’s been two months and I haven’t fired the entire staff. There have been some personnel changes, but that’s pretty normal when new management is brought in. But it’s taken more of my time than my last full-time job did, and that’s eaten into my writing time and certainly into my posting time here. I’ll be around this little spot on the interwebs, but it’ll mostly be to post updates on appearances, release dates, and that sort of thing. If you want to keep track of my whereabouts on a more […]

Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hannukah/Solstice/Festivus/Anything Else I Missed

Had a pretty good Christmas here at Casa de Hartness. It was light on material stuff, in part because of finances, and in part because there just isn’t much stuff I want. Suzy, too. We’re kinda in a happy place as far as getting rid of stuff, so we’re not terribly inclined to want to bring a ton more stuff into the house. Suzy is purging years’ worth of costumes and costume racks from our lives, and I’ve been working on getting rid of excess Magic cards, books and other stuff, so the idea of bringing a bunch of crap […]

Alright, alright, I’ll post already

I get distracted easily. By shiny things, loud noises, Magic cards, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, the like. Pretty much anything. And lately I’ve been distracted by looking for a job. It’s not that the writing thing isn’t working out, it’s that the writing thing isn’t working out quite well enough to support me. We’re not starving (which is evident from my waistline) or in danger of losing our house, but we’re eating through our savings a little more quickly than I’d hoped, so I’m probably re-entering the workforce. It’s not a huge deal, I have skills that people are willing to […]

Head down…

Still pushing for the finish line on Black Knight revisions. Also up to my ass reading submissions for The Big Bad, and learning a new respect for editors the world over. So far my co-editor and I have picked five or six stories out of fifty or so to go into the anthology, but there’s still a LOT of reading to do. I’m bouncing between reading stuff for my critique group, reading submissions, and revising Knight Moves right now, so no progress has been made on any new work. I plan to be done with critique group stuff and Knight Moves this week, […]

Black Knight Chronicles Updates

Some folks have wondered where things are in the process of re-working The Black Knight Chronicles for re-release now that I’m working with a traditional publisher. And even more folks have wondered when they’ll be seeing Book IV – Paint it Black. The short answer is – I don’t have a firm answer. The long answer is that the rewrites took me longer than I expected, and were more in-depth than I expected. These editors really pushed me, making me look long and hard at the boys and Sabrina and their motivations for doing things. “Because it seemed like fun” […]

Guest Post by Tamsin Silver

I’ve known today’s guest blogger longer than I’ve known any of the other writer friends in the fantasy world. We met long, long ago in another life, in another state, and before a couple more careers for both of us. We reconnected through Facebook and realized that we’re chasing the same dream. Her first book, The Betrayal, came out late last year. Give it a look at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.    GO FORTH! Anyone who loves acting or directing, dreams of working on Broadway. Anyone who loves dancing ballet, dreams of dancing at Lincoln Center. Anyone who loves […]

Free Short Story – Turkey Day Debacle

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Here’s a little something I tossed together for your enjoyment! Turkey Day Debacle By John G. Hartness I knew I was in trouble when I stepped into the grocery store. I looked over at Abby and said, in all sincerity “Remind what people eat on Thanksgiving again?” “Well, turkey for starters” was the snotty reply from my shopping partner, a twenty-two year old newly turned vampire with a body to die for (if I wasn’t already dead) and an attitude to slit your wrists over. “I remember the turkey, smartass. What else?” “Jeez, Jimmy, how long have […]