More Newsletter Cultivation

Facebook continues to dwindle as a way to connect with readers and bring new fans into the fold, so I’m going to continue pushing to grow my mailing list so that i can keep folks apprised of all my goings on. So here’s my new offer –

Sign up for my Mailing List and get Three FREE ebooks! 

That’s right, all you have to do it follow this signup link, do what it tells you, and then in a few days I’ll send you a link where you can download a free ebook!

Then the next month you’ll get my newsletter, and it’ll have a code in it for another free ebook.

Then for Christmas, I’ll send out another code, and you’ll get another free ebook!

So you get THREE FREE EBOOKS if you sign up now!

The first book you get will be Knight (Un)Life, a collection of Black Knight short stories.

Then you’ll get a Bubba book.

Then you’ll get a Harker book for Christmas!

So if you haven’t joined my email list, sign up now and get THREE FREE EBOOKS! If you’ve already signed up, refer a friend and get my undying gratitude (plus the TWO FREE EBOOKS all my subscribers will get).

Remember, this deal ends after Christmas, and you’ve got a lot of shit to do between now and then, so sign up now!

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