Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hannukah/Solstice/Festivus/Anything Else I Missed

Had a pretty good Christmas here at Casa de Hartness. It was light on material stuff, in part because of finances, and in part because there just isn’t much stuff I want. Suzy, too. We’re kinda in a happy place as far as getting rid of stuff, so we’re not terribly inclined to want to bring a ton more stuff into the house. Suzy is purging years’ worth of costumes and costume racks from our lives, and I’ve been working on getting rid of excess Magic cards, books and other stuff, so the idea of bringing a bunch of crap into the house wasn’t appealing. And with the digitization of most media, we don’t buy movies or CDs in a physical format anymore. Ditto books. Unless it’s a signed copy of something written by a friend, I buy all my books digitally, so there’s nothing to get there. Helps with clutter, but it’s not much of a stocking stuffer.

I hope you got the news about the super-discount on The Black Knight Chronicles Omnibus over the couple of days before Christmas. We’re hoping that will spur a few reviews, since the omnibus is pretty light on reviews. I’m working on Paint it Black revisions, planning to turn it in within the next week or two. It’s moving the boys into a darker place, but there’ll still be plenty of snarky humor for those of you who love that stuff.

Bubba Season One is selling well, and I hope you all enjoyed the free Bubba Christmas story I had on here last week. I’ll get to work on Bubba Season 2 once I turn in the manuscript for Paint it Black. There will certainly be plenty of shenanigans when Bubba wakes up in the hospital! Still no plans for a full-length novel, but maybe someday.

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