March is for Monsters starts NOW!

I know it’s really still February, but I’m starting the giveaway early. Today through Friday, you can get Monsters Beware free on Amazon.

Yesterday you could get Love Stinks, the newest Bubba the Monster Hunter story, free right here. Today it’ll cost you a buck on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

And now you can get entries into the March is for Monsters giveaway! You can win a Kindle Fire, or autographed books!

As always, there’s other cool thriller and horror freebies over on Epic Kindle Giveaway!

And it now seems that I signed up for a table for StellarCon, which I completely forgot about, so I’ll have a table and will be around to sign stuff and sell books all weekend. Stop by and say hello. Did I mention that Patrick Rothfuss is the Guest of Honor? Did I mention that Patrick Rothfuss has written two of the best fantasy novels I’ve ever read and that I’m totally a fanboy of his? Did I mention that I ordered his books in hardcover for the express purpose of getting them signed this weekend, regardless of the fact that I’ve already read them electronically? I might be a little excited to meet him. In case any of you were wondering, we writers still have our favorite writers that we get all squee over, and Rothfuss is one of mine. So I’m more than a little excited.

I’m less excited about going to the dentist tomorrow, but I totally need a cleaning, and I think I need a filling, and I need to get both of those things done this month while I still have dental insurance. The dental insurance plans that I’ve seen suck – they’re something like $80/month, with a max annual coverage of $1,000. If I’m going to have to pay almost a grand a year to have insurance, and that insurance only pays a grand in benefits, then I’m still screwed. So I’d not going to have dental insurance after this month, so I’m trying to get anything done by the end of March, when my coverage ends.

Hope to see you at StellarCon,or if not there then at SETC next weekend, or at MidSouthCon the end of the month!

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One thought on “March is for Monsters starts NOW!

  1. When you meet Rothfuss, can you find out why his paperback/kindle pricing is so non-intuitive. (Note: non-intuitive isn’t quite the meaning I was going for but this is polite company.)

    Formats Amazon Price New from Used from
    Kindle Ed $14.99 —
    Hardcover $18.26 $13.95 $12.50
    Paperback $12.92 $12.92 —

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