No, not like that, you pervs. I just wanted to knock out a quick update on my whereabouts and doings before I head home from Nashville. This makes a good halfway point between Batesville, Arkansas and Charlotte. I was in Arkansas for the first time ever for the 2012 Pulp Ark convention, where I got to make some new friends, hang with old friends and learn more than I ever wanted to know about Lamont Craston and the rest of the pulp heroes of old. If you missed me on the Pulped! podcast, you should go listen to that – Tommy Hancock and I had a great time recording it.

I’m still having a great time working on the Black Knight Omnibus (out this summer!) and Black Knight IV – Paint it Black (out late summer/early fall). I’m learning a ton through the process of working with this publisher and editing team, and I’m sure there’s more to come. We’re polishing all three of the early Black Knight novels, brushing up on some continuity things I screwed up the first time, cleaning up some bad writing habits that I had in Book 1 that I’ve worked my way out of by Book 3, and generally making the books tighter, cleaner and better. I think there will be enough new going on in the Omnibus that even if you’ve read all the books, you’ll find something fun in there. And I’m trying to figure out what kind of little bonus content I can put into the Omnibus for the folks that buy it – maybe an exclusive short story or something like that.

That sound? That was my editor’s head esploding from the concept of editing another short story from me in addition to the revisions on THREE NOVELS in time to make the release dates for this omnibus :). That’s what writers do, we don’t just torture our characters and readers, we torture our editors, too. Love ya!

But I haven’t forgotten the Bubba fans. I’m halfway through the next Bubba short, and it should be finished, polished and uploaded THIS WEEK. I make no promises when this week, but Bubba the Monster Hunter: Hall & Goats will hit before April leaves us, I swear it. And I’ve got more Bubba news – next month you’re going to get more Bubba than you can shake a stick at (I’ve never understood that phrase). Not only will I do a new May Bubba short story, but that will give me four Bubba stories since I released Monsters Beware. That means it’s time for a new four-story Bubba Collection! And with eight Bubba stories under my belt, I think it’s time for a Bubba the Monster Hunter PRINT COLLECTION!

That’s right, kids. Come find me at a con in June or July – ConCarolinas, HeroesCon, Fandom Fest or LibertyCon – and I’ll have a Bubba the Monster Hunter print collection available! I’ll also have print copies of Genesis at those cons, because I’m going to spend May holed up in my office editing, formatting and writing. When I’m not in a theatre, but anyway.

So that’s the news that’s printed to fit for today. See you in the funny books!

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  1. Damnit man! An omnibus with new content? I’ll have that day one please! Cant wait to see what comes of that.

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