Chained to my desk

At least, that’s where I need to be for the next week and a half. ConCarolinas is coming up fast, and with it a pretty healthy panel schedule, plus hopefully scads of people clamoring for print editions of my books. But before I’m cut loose upon the unsuspecting hordes at the Hilton University Place in Charlotte, I’ve got revisions to work on. I’ve handed the revisions for Hard Day’s Knight off to the line editor, but while I’m waiting on those notes to come in, it’s time to tackle Back in Black. I’ll admit that there are some plotting issues with this book that I’ve noticed since publication, so it’s a good idea to go back and lay hands on it one last time. I did a quick pass this morning and got through the first nine chapters, so hopefully I can get through the first pass this week, then run through it again next week before it’s ConCarolinas time.

So here’s my current schedule for ConCarolinas –

Friday – I got nothing scheduled, so I’ll be at my table or crashing interesting panels that my friends are on.
Saturday – 9AM (I’m new, I get the primo slots) – The Next Step – So you’ve finished your book, what now? With David B. Coe, Gray Rinehart, Edmund Schubert and some folks I don’t know but am looking forward to meeting.

Saturday – noon – Kidnapping Your Muse – What to do when your words won’t flow well – With Stuart Jaffe, Rachel Aaron, Nicole Givens Kurtz and even more folks I haven’t met yet, so more new folks!

Saturday – 2PM – Bringing Life to Your Characters – another one with David Coe, adding James Maxey and A.J. Hartley to the mix, plus others.

Sunday – 1PM – Agents and how to find one – I suppose I’m on this panel for the “I don’t need one” perspective, but I dunno. Me, Rachel, Gray, Edmund, Gail Z. Martin and Angie Smibert.

I’m a little under-untilized at this one, but that’s normal for my first year guesting at a con. I’ll likely crash a couple of other panels, especially some of the ebook and self-pub panels on Sunday, and maybe some of the horror panels on Friday. Depends on how I feel and what the panel looks like, If it’s understaffed and I’m friends with the moderator, I might hop on. Otherwise I’ll probably behave myself. But you can find me in the author’s alley outside the panel rooms hawking my wares and hoping that the new Bubba print collection sells as well as I anticipate.

See you there!

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  1. Hijack a panel! It would be great publicity. Well, maybe not great, but it would be publicity nonetheless!

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